These 3 association cow disease artist, suggest next year Spring Festival gala, the picture is too let a person look forward to

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Even for the big stars who are used to the stage and have rich performance experience, the Spring Festival Gala is still a huge test. Many stars make mistakes on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala because they are too nervous.But for stars with a strong heart and “social cow syndrome”, the Gala is really a piece of cake.Who do you admire the most?Spring Festival Gala “Walking big man” : Deng Chao Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Tiger, let us see the charm of a “social ox”.Deng chao, li yuchun, Jackson partner performances of “contemporary”, three performance looks like a cow “club” with two “social fear”, deng chao excitement like lucky viewers catch up temporarily, it jumped up to pose like telling everyone: they believe in the folks, I, deng chao, Spring Festival gala on!Li yuchun also said in an interview that she could not imagine it was deng Chao’s first time on the gala.In fact, not only Li Yuchun can’t think of, the national audience are hard to believe that this is deng Chao’s first Spring Festival Gala, after all, his calm, as if walking at the door of the posture is too hold the audience, even his wife Sun Li is posted on the social platform, “Chao elder brother, you calm down, jump out of the painting.”She looks like she loves Chinese New Year: Yin Xiaotian of the Liaoning Spring Festival Gala is as good as Deng Chao of CCTV when it comes to her social performance.New Year’s eve, xiaotian Yin in liaoning spring night with the standing on the grassland at Beijing dance music, still is uninhibited and natural and unrestrained temperament, is still in its form of several dance moves, but they are still infected with a lot of net friend, they comment style is like this: “any one not seen xiaotian Yin dancing I will be sad”!”He looks like he loves Chinese New Year.””Suggest dancing with Deng Chao, see who can jump high and jump high.”Social bull heir: Wang Jier, Deng Chao and Yin Xiaotian are the “social ceiling” among middle-aged male stars. Are there any representatives of young male stars?Of course, who doesn’t know that Wang Jiaer is the number one person in the heavy club?One year Spring Festival Gala interview, the host in mouth broadcast, Wang Jiaer on his shoulder to sell meng photos, interview with him to tidy up the host suit……(although I don’t understand but I was shocked) as a guest in the studio of CCTV Spring Festival Gala this year, I took the serious host as happy as him with my own efforts. I paid New Year’s greetings hand in hand, saying “Uncle and aunt, ah, wrong!Happy New Year to mom and Dad “made the atmosphere in the studio instantly lively.It’s you, Jackson Wang.In fact, Wang Jiaer’s association cow disease in the circle has long been known, such as in concert to pull security together disco, this matter is really no who.With friends Bai Jingting sway together, Bai Jingting heart OS: I really want to escape ~ but can not escape!Can not help but start to think, if next year’s Spring Festival Gala can let these three male artists together to perform a show, that should be more beautiful?I mean, I’m looking forward to it!