Notice of guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau on the suspension of on-site worship in funeral service places under the jurisdiction of Conghua District

2022-06-23 0 By

Due to the outbreak of a new local epidemic in Conghua district, funeral homes, cemeteries, cremation halls and other funeral services under the jurisdiction of Conghua District have suspended on-site worship activities since April 3 in accordance with relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, until further notice.Matters related to notice the following: first, have to make an appointment on April 17, April 3 solstice (including the day) to conghua district facility funeral service citizens of martyrs, nichome, relatives and friends, please stop to, initiative by home martyrs memorial, network (guangdong convenient martyrs “cloud”, “guangzhou postal” WeChat public “letter mail grief” platform “) and other off-site way to honor ancestors.2. Basic funeral services, such as ashes storage and placement, shall be provided by funeral service institutions within the jurisdiction of Conghua, and shall be made by appointment in accordance with epidemic prevention and control requirements.Iii. The qingming Festival in Zhuhai is subject to zoning and hierarchical control measures, which can be dynamically adjusted at any time according to the epidemic situation.Please pay attention to the website of Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau and the wechat public account of “Guangzhou Civil Affairs”.We hereby inform you.Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, April 3, 2022, Japan/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City reporter: Su Zan Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City Editor: Lin Jing