Jinnan area unsealed!Global low risk!

2022-06-23 0 By

The reporter just learned from the Municipal leading group of prevention and control that, in accordance with the current situation of the epidemic and the needs of prevention and control work in The city, and in accordance with the requirements of scientific division and precise prevention and control of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council in response to THE COVID-19 epidemic, the municipal leading group of prevention and control has made an analysis and judgment of the municipal leading group of prevention and control, starting from 0 o ‘clock on January 31, 2022,Linjin Garden, Linxiu Garden, Xinyu Garden, Shangyue Garden, Chuangchuang Xingjing Garden, Xinwangli, Yijia Garden, Xianshui Gu Town Fengda Garden, Longhu Zichen, Shuanggang Town Xintaoyuan were adjusted from high-risk areas to low-risk areas;Shangdong Garden, Tingfang Garden, Tinglan Garden, Xinzhuang Town, Jinnan District, Tianjin; Dongwang Garden, Baoye Xinyuan, Boya Garden, Jincai Garden, Jinfang Garden, Xianshuigu Town; Liujing Garden, Renhe Garden, Renyong Mingju, Shanhe Garden, Shuanggang Town are adjusted from medium-risk areas to low-risk areas.Risk levels in other areas of Tianjin remain unchanged.The city will adjust the regional risk level at an appropriate time according to the epidemic prevention and control situation.The other – The reporter learns from jinnan epidemic prevention and control department, since January 31, 2022 0, villages lam kam garden, Lin remove seal centralization control, in the villages, endur (south), 32, 46 and 56, 65, 59, relieve traffic control floor control, double port town hin taoyuan, 2, 3, 5, 12, 14, relieve traffic control floor control,Xinzhuang Town initiated yueshan County No. 7 building to remove the lockdown control building control, Xinwangli Xinzhuang Town (south District), Shuanggang Town Xintaoyuan, Xinzhuang Town initiated Yueshan County to remove the control area control, Jinnan District original prevention area simultaneously lifted control area control.Source: Jinyun