Japanese reports yuzuru Hanyu by the Chinese media hot!Chinese in Japan: See the jealous feeling all over the screen

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How did the Japanese people have no idea, just after a sports meeting, their ice prince Yuzuru Hanyu, almost overnight into the Chinese love of the big star.Yuzuru Hanyu, who has a more delicate face than a girl, is a physically strong athlete.Perhaps that appearance alone has what it takes to make him a legend.On March 28, Sohu, a Chinese web portal, reported on the Japanese ice prince.”He is not an actor, but his appearance level is higher than that of an actor!””He is not an idol, but he has more fans and admirers than an idol!”Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan commented on sohu’s report, “The Japanese figure skater has created countless miracles so far.His active attitude made everyone abandon prejudice of nationality.Although Hanyu is now very famous in China, we will briefly introduce him.Yuzuru Hanyu was born on December 7, 1994 in Sendai, Hiijo Prefecture.As a child with asthma, his parents tried to strengthen his body through figure skating training, a decision that turned out to be his life.In fact, Yuzuru Hanyu is famous in Japan because of the rumor that Princess Aiko, the eldest daughter of the Emperor, is pursuing Yuzuru Hanyu.Princess Aiko is said to have loved skating since she was a child, with Japanese media reporting that “she is particularly fond of Yuzuru Hanyu.”After the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Hanyu was invited to a tea party at the palace.Princess Aiko, then in junior high, asked him a question: “What’s your best jump?”Yuzuru Hanyu replied, “Axel Jump.”The two became lovers from then on, and was later rumored that Yuzuru Hanyu was going to join the royal family.Japanese media reported that Hanyu was highly appreciated by China Central Television (CCTV).CCTV hostess Chen Ying said that Hanyu yuzuru “warm as jade, as strong as pine.He dances with the grace of a white swan, just like a dragon swimming in the sea!”Many Chinese in Japan have found that Yuzuru Hanyu is not as famous in Japan as he is in China.After seeing Japanese media reports about how yuzuru Hanyu is popular in China, they laughed and said, “Japanese people are jealous all over the screen.”Hanyu yuanyu at the arena Hanyu Yuanyu at the arena