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Recently,In hefei at the train station, bus station highway and national highway toll station exit, airports are set free nucleic acid sample point early in the morning on March 14, journalist came to hefei railway station of hefei station site visit stand in a line of staff to see how they build hefei epidemic prevention and control of “first pass” of hefei railway station nearly people epidemic prevention and control teams 24 hours of on-the-job”For the health of you and your family, it is important to have a nucleic acid test.It’s all free.”At 7 am, Kuai Zhengqiang, an epidemic prevention worker at Hefei Railway Station, started his day of work. At the entrance hall of Hefei Railway Station, he constantly guided passengers to take nucleic acid tests and samples.As a result of the long shout, the reporter noticed that Kuai Zhengqiang’s throat is fast hoarse.The long exit hall of Hefei Railway Station has two channels for people from within the province and people from outside the province (returning). Around the electronic screen and the publicity rack, there are constantly reminders of “all people coming to the fat please sweep the health code, please take the initiative to show the trip code”.”All people leaving the station, whether they are passengers from within or outside the province or station staff, are required to take nucleic acid tests.”Zhang Chuanming, head of the epidemic prevention team at Hefei Railway Station, told reporters that he has been on duty since the outbreak began.The prevention and control team is composed of community and street departments, comprehensive management offices, railway stations, public security and transportation departments. Nearly 100 people are on duty 24 hours a day to maintain order, check health codes and travel codes, and conduct nucleic acid testing and sampling.For nucleic acid sampling alone, 15 teams of two were arranged for registration and sampling.”There were nearly 20,000 outbound passengers on The 13th alone. Most of them were very cooperative, but some were not very understanding or clear to explain.”Every day, Zhang takes more than 20,000 steps, constantly coordinating and maintaining order at the scene.”I am in charge of the entire quarantine team at the station, and I have to deal with uncooperative passengers after work at 7 p.m.Only when we are well protected can people feel safe to go out.”The reporter learned that Hefei South Railway Station implements the same policy as Hefei Station, which requires nucleic acid testing for all passengers arriving from within and outside the province. There are free nucleic acid testing sites at the four exits of Hefei South Railway Station, east, west, north and south, and outside the station. There are 28 groups of personnel, 28 testing channels and 5 free nucleic acid testing sites.Passengers line up to exit the station and show the health code for nucleic acid testing before exiting the station.The free nucleic acid testing site of Hefei Bus Terminal is located in an alley on the west side, where all staff and passengers need to take nucleic acid testing samples.Jiang yuhong was originally a staff member at a private clinic near Longgang in Yaohai district. She was transferred to hefei Bus terminal on March 12 to take part in nucleic acid testing and sampling.There are two teams of four working from 8am to 9.30pm each day, testing more than 1,000 passengers and station staff.”It was particularly hot yesterday, and I had to ensure ventilation without turning on air conditioning. When I got off work, my pants were almost soaked and my protective suit was full of sweat.”Jiang yuhong told reporters that she eats lunch quickly before going to work at noon every day. As it is not easy to put on and take off her protective clothing, she controls drinking water to reduce the number of times she goes to the toilet.Li Pandi is a student of the Fifth Major clinical department of TCM of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After supporting nucleic acid testing in Huaiyuan city, she took part in nucleic acid testing and sampling in Hefei South Railway Station and Hefei Bus terminal Station respectively.”I am a medical student, and after my internship, I have nothing to do.Every night I was so tired that I could hardly lift my arms, and the dormitory door was almost closed.”Li pandi said that it was very hard to participate in the epidemic prevention work in Hefei as a volunteer, but his family was very supportive despite their worries.In the case of good protection, for myself and my classmates, I will also take a nucleic acid test for myself every day.The reporter noted that hefei bus terminal implemented online ticket sales, passengers after the epidemic prevention channel check the health code before entering the station, after entering the station also need to brush the ID card to enter the waiting hall.At present, to (return) fat passengers arrived at Hefei bus station, Hefei bus terminal, Hefei bus passenger south station, Hefei bus passenger West station, Hefei bus passenger central station, new Asia passenger bus station, nucleic acid testing.It rained in some areas of Hefei after 10 am this morning.In Hefei around the city expressway Baothe Road toll station exit, Hefei traffic law enforcement detachment baothe brigade captain Zhao Jicai and colleagues Tao Runrun again partner, early waiting here.”This time, all the drivers and passengers from other provinces will have to take nucleic acid samples, unlike the Spring Festival transport, which has set up fertilizer channels from other provinces, so there are more people on board.”Zhao Jicai told reporters, recently, The city of Hefei 31 highway exit and G206 Luotang toll station, G312 guanting toll station exit, in accordance with the principle of “should be checked out”, to all to the field (return) fertilizer vehicles of the company passenger comprehensive nucleic acid sampling.Under the unified arrangement of the public security and traffic police department, the traffic transport team will arrange observers to take shifts at the ETC exit safety island for 24 hours. When the vehicle fee shows more than 50 YUAN, the traffic police at the exit will be prompted by intercom immediately to guide the vehicle to the nucleic acid sampling point for sampling.Zhao jicai and Tao Rungrun have been on time every day since the Spring Festival travel rush began on January 17.After the epidemic prevention and control is strengthened, each of them is required to report more than 3,000 vehicles requiring nucleic acid testing through intercom at the observation port, so as not to fail to report one vehicle.”During one shift, I was afraid to take a drink of water.If I drink water and have to go to the toilet, other comrades will have to stare at the payment screen more, other veteran comrades eyesight is not as good as ME, it is not easy to misreport.”Mr Tao said.Hefei Xinqiao Airport has started nucleic acid testing for all arriving passengers since March 10, according to the airport.The airport will set up five free nucleic acid testing points at the exit of the arrival hall.Passengers queue up to show the health code for nucleic acid test and then exit the station.In order to avoid the congestion of passengers queuing, Hefei Xinqiao Airport has reasonably planned the departure routes of passengers at the passenger exit, and dispatched additional service personnel to maintain the order of the scene according to the intensity of arriving flights.Hefei Xinqiao Airport, in accordance with the requirements of the municipal epidemic prevention headquarters, further moved the gate, implement the “should be checked” passengers landing, to achieve early detection and early disposal.Hefei, Capital of East China’s Hefei province, March 14, 2019. [Photo/XINHUA]In the morning of March 14, the reporter first came to the jiuhuashan road vegetable market located in Luzhou Square.”Please wear a mask when entering the market, scan the code and measure the temperature, thank you for your cooperation!”The radio inside and outside the market played a circular voice warning of epidemic prevention, and staff at the west gate reminded citizens and businesses to check the temperature, scan the code and wear masks.Covering an area of 5,300 square meters, jiuhuashan Road wet Market has two main entrances, east gate and west gate. The entrances are equipped with temperature testing facilities and full-time staff to check health codes.Some citizens or merchants may take masks off after entering the market. The reporter noticed on the scene that, in response to this situation, the market arranged management personnel to patrol the market and remind merchants and customers who did not wear masks or did not wear them correctly.”Patrols in the market are divided into three areas: life support service area, fresh meat and aquatic products area and vegetable area. There are designated personnel on duty in each area every day.”Jiuhuashan Road farmers market manager Chen Fengqin introduced, the market every day fixed elimination work, including a full court elimination in the morning, a merchant elimination;The same afternoon a full – court elimination, a merchant elimination.”We will publicize the disinfection work every day and inform all merchants in the merchant service group. At the same time, we will take the initiative to carry out disinfection for each merchant. The booths of merchants are also equipped with disinfectant, laundry detergent and alcohol.””Every day, market management requires all masks to be worn and disinfection is carried out every day. We actively cooperate for our own safety.””Said Ms. Wang, a busy merchant at her stall.On the same day, the reporter also visited Baohe Wanda Plaza, found that the shopping mall in accordance with the epidemic prevention and control requirements, at the entrance to set up a temperature check code point, after the temperature check code customers can enter.Meanwhile, the staff is on guard at the door to remind customers to scan the health code, and the staff will immediately remind customers who do not wear masks.”Every time we come here, staff remind us to scan the health code, wear masks and take our temperature, which also makes us feel very safe.”Citizen Xu said.”Epidemic prevention and control, our community formed supervision group recently, points one afternoon in the morning, a day in the area under its jurisdiction key sites, such as wanda shopping mall, pharmacy and inspectors in hotels, shopping malls supermarkets, epidemic prevention and control WeChat group established a community at the same time, the hair in the group of daily patrol found problems in time, requires a rectification merchants and businessmen.In addition, we have also arranged for a social force such as volunteers to increase guard at the main entrances of shopping malls and supermarkets.”Baogong street Yuhua bridge community party secretary Xu Fushan.