Barca VS Napoli starting exposure: talented young star leading midfield, frustrated ace back

2022-06-23 0 By

At 01:45 am on February 18, Beijing time, the Europa League knock-out play-off will be a focal point of the battle, in the Champions League defeated Spanish giants Barcelona host serie A giants Napoli.Barcelona have been in a slump this season after the departure of Lionel Messi, but with the arrival of Xavi and some effective signings by Xia xia, the club’s form has recovered.After winning 10, drawing 9 and losing 4 in the first 23 games of La Liga, they accumulated 39 points and reached the top 4 of La Liga with one game less.Real Madrid are 15 points away from the top and not completely out of contention.Rivals Napoli are still strong in serie A this season, with 16 wins, five draws and four defeats after the first 25 games and 53 points, two points behind leaders AC Milan and third in the table.Still one of the favourites for the scudetto.It is worth mentioning that in the past 10 years, Barca and Naples have played six times in total, with a record of 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, occupying an obvious advantage.However, Barca now without Messi, the team has undergone a great change, this time again against Napoli, I am afraid it will be a good or bad battle.There is no doubt that manager Xavi will put forward his strongest starting 11 without reservation.Goalkeeper position, naturally or the main goalkeeper Terstegen guard Barca goal;In defence, Araujo because of injury, probability will be out, replace him as the central defender should be Eric Garcia;The other three starting defenders will still be Durst, Pique and veteran alves.Among them, Garcia and Pique as double central defenders;Alves and Durst will play wing back.Midfield, there is no doubt that the barca center back responsible for the interception and tackle of the main back will still be the veteran busquets;Busquets is expected to be paired with Dutch midfielder Franki de Jong.At the heart of the forward attack, it is no surprise that the talented 19-year-old pedrie will continue to lead the attack from midfield, serving as the team’s forward commander.Up front, no surprise, new ace Ferran – Torres will continue to charge the front, as the offensive bridgehead.In his side, it is expected that Xavi will use frustrated man – Dembele as a winger;The other winger to start should be the talented young garvey.Dembele should be looking forward to a performance to prove himself.To sum up, Barcelona is expected to start the game against Napoli in the Europa League 11: Terstegen;Durst, Pique, Eric Garcia, Alves;Busquets, Franky de Jong, Pedrie;Garvey, Ferran Torres, Dembele