Two men were fined for taking the bullet train for this!

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High-speed popularity after extensive propaganda on high-speed rail passenger smoking illegal behavior has been dramatically reduced but some passengers do not know on the high-speed rail also banned electronic cigarette on February 7, changsha railway public security office report two cases cause smoke alarm electronic cigarette left left left on February 6, 10, passenger Mr. Wang to nankai from guangzhou to wuhan G1102 time,Vaping in the toilet of coach 5, which triggered a smoke alarm on the train.After the incident, the changsha railway public Security police on duty seized the passenger and stopped him from smoking.At about 16:00 on the same day, a passenger surnamed Wang was caught by changsha railway public Security police after smoking an e-cigarette in the toilet of carriage 3 of G1152 train from Guangzhou south to Hankou.Later, two passengers have been handed over to the relevant station police station processing.When questioned by police, both passengers said they smoked e-cigarettes and thought e-cigarettes would not affect the normal operation of high-speed trains.After the police explained and criticized the two passengers, they were punished respectively according to the Railway Safety Management Regulations.Police caught a passenger smoking an e-cigarette in a toilet on a high-speed train.Railway police have reminded passengers that no matter the smoke from traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes, it is easy to cause smoke alarm on high-speed trains and endanger the safety of train operation. Passengers must abide by the relevant no-smoking regulations during taking high-speed trains