Top ten Guizhou Honest Youth | Wu Fan: Honest, trustworthy and responsible, helping local development with finance

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To carry forward the socialist core values, focus on promoting the construction of social credit system in guizhou, create a good social atmosphere, since 2021, the communist youth league committee in guizhou guizhou province development and reform commission, the People’s Bank of China guiyang center branch throughout the province to carry out the third session of the “top ten guizhou honesty good youth” activities,The activity was conducted by means of stratified launch, level by level recommendation and self-recommendation of young people. It lasted for more than two months, and ten honest young people were finally selected after publicity and identification.In the near future, The sky eye news will roll out their reports in turn to entertain readers.Wu Fan, male, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Congjiang Rural Commercial Bank of Qiandongnan Prefecture.More than 20 years of work career, Wu Fan cherishing the bona fides of the rural financial work, in their own positions conscientiously, under his lead, congjiang agri-businesses Banks to become the county with the largest scale and highest deposit balance, agriculture with little strength strongest, financial services, the most wide, covering the most popular institutions, most practitioners of banking financial institutions.Wu Fan (left) Wu Fan joined xinhe in 2001. He devoted his best years to xinhe with dedication, strict self-discipline and down-to-earth attitude.Wu Fan has always been adhering to the “root in the countryside, life in agriculture, farmers sympathised with” the management idea, concentrate on the rural financial work, lead the congjiang agri-businesses bank all the cadres and workers in the crucial battleground poverty and rural revitalization of the road as a positive, loans for groups and individuals in need and provide powerful support for poverty alleviation engines.A set of data bears witness to Wu fan’s achievements: by the end of December 2020, the balance of all deposits in Congjiang Rural Commercial Bank was 4.01 billion yuan, an increase of 6.56%;The loan balance of 3.87 billion yuan, an increase of 11.59%;The deposit and loan market share ranks the first among the county financial institutions in Guizhou, and it has become the banking financial institution with the largest asset scale, the highest deposit and loan balance, the strongest small-scale support for agriculture and agriculture, the widest financial service, the widest institutional coverage and the largest number of employees in the county.Wu Fan always believes that there is no investigation, there is no right to speak.He sank down, actively into the grassroots, deep into the masses, often to difficult outlets, remote outlets, take the lead for grassroots do practical matters, solve problems, help grassroots analysis restrict business development bottleneck problems, find the correct solution to solve problems and methods.Since 2020, Wu fan has carried out more than 50 investigations at grassroots level and solved more than 30 practical difficulties for grassroots.Through qiannong Cloud APP and other online platforms to continuously improve the payment and settlement environment, smooth the payment and settlement channels;The comprehensive business platform of “Agricultural medical station” was innovatively established, and POS machines were installed in 41 village clinics in Congjiang County.In addition to increasing the income of village doctors and realizing smooth medical treatment for the people in the mountains, it also provides one-stop and convenient comprehensive medical and financial services for the masses of villagers.In the process of coordinating and promoting the business development of CONGjiang RURAL Commercial Bank, Wu Fan always takes serving the local economic development as his own responsibility, pays attention to meeting customer needs, highlights the focus of credit support, inclinates the credit funds to the direction of inclusive finance, and fully supports the local economic development.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Wu Fan has taken the lead in research and timely launched credit products such as “E-loan”, “Angel Loan in White”, “Help loan”, “Convenience Loan” and “E-loan for students”. The strict implementation of the extension policy has effectively alleviated the loan repayment pressure of customers affected by COVID-19 and helped the development of the real economy.He also worked hard to promote the credit project construction in ethnic minority areas and create an honest and trustworthy financial environment, demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of young people with solid achievements.Guizhou daily Sky eye news reporter Xu Shaoting editor Li Beduo editor Li Jie Zhang Ting