Rotten street of the lower body missing don’t wear, early spring popular pants + short boots, half skirt + stockings, very beautiful

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New Year, everyone has a holiday, reunion day delicious many but also face a few pounds of fat pressure, that natural many figure to wear also want to convergence ah, such as before the popular lower body missing, it is very fat, especially for small fat and big skeleton of women.And, saw too much lower half of the dress, really feel very tired, I do not want to wear, not only embarrassed but also cold.Although it will be early spring soon after the New Year, it is still very cold now.If there is a Jimei who thinks like me, don’t miss this episode.Without further words, here is to recommend you to wear beautiful clothes without showing legs, elegant and graceful, aging have oh.The lower half of the dress really belongs to the old network red, its idea is the above wide under narrow way to wear perfect show your leg type, for thin people is ok, but don’t wear this in winter, even wear a bare leg artifact also feel very cold.And the same idea or legs can try its advanced version to wear, is shark pants and long down jacket.For early spring, you can wear a mid-length hoodie with a white polo neck that’s just a little longer and more layered around the hips, or go straight for a patchwork hoodie.When it comes to legs, pants are a must.And a pair of pants to wear a sense of fashion, the straight version of the pants is the first choice, especially straight wide leg pants, modified leg type is really a must, most women can handle.High-waisted version of the wide-leg pants with a sweater and high heels, dark blue and wine red combination, retro and modern.In fact, this dress is quite fashionable, but the fear of cold star in autumn and winter season can avoid, don’t ask me why, ask is the pain of chilblain ankle who knows.For this reason, it is recommended to wear straight trousers with ankle boots or sneakers. If the trousers are too long, you can roll up the trouser leg, just at the boot.Denim fabric is recommended, with more matching possibilities. The jacket is cool in a suit, which is more casual with a hoodie. You can add a down jacket if you are afraid of cold.If you have cropped pants, you can choose longer boots.Also note that the boot with pants to remember the width of the boot tube should not exceed the width of the pant tube, slightly posted to show more thin legs.Small leg pants, for example, are best worn with a pair of stretchy boots.Light jeans with light khaki boots can highlight the curve of the figure, high heel boots can further extend the length of the leg can achieve the same light and tall effect as high heels, very suitable for small girls, easy to lengthen the legs.2) Wear a pair of socks to keep you warm, or choose a pair of pants that show your socks to keep you warm.The color of socks is black, white and gray is classic, bright color with black and white pants.Or the top of a certain color echo, can also be consistent with the shoe color, and accessories color echo is also ok, low-key retro choose classic plaid, college choose stripes.If your leg type is not fat, but there are false hips and legs are not straight problems, version of the more skinny cigarette pants.Middle-aged women wear cigarette pants and loafers more elegant and capable lasting appeal, wear more appropriate in early spring.And cigarette pants to pants drape feeling, suit fabric is more smooth, woolen fabric is more soft.For girls who love to wear skirts, there will always be one less skirt in their wardrobe.Be like figure not very perfect girl, can decorate figure with skirt, still can promote fair maiden temperament.Women who love to wear a skirt with high heels are also missing out on the lower half of the outfit, while if you want to avoid showing your legs, you can opt for a skirt and boots.1) When wearing this look, you should try more boots in physical stores. In order to avoid improper proportion imbalance, you can choose knee-high boots with a certain heel height, which will elongate the overall height and weaken the cutting sense of the proportion of the lower body.In autumn and winter, it is suggested to add a coat coat more fashionable, but the leg is not good-looking will also show fat.For most women, it is more recommended to knee skirt and medium boot, leg thicker or leg not straight sisters, must buy just over the calf mid boot.2) Medium boots/short boots for middle-aged women to match appropriately, and can highlight the temperament of a big woman, also can not let go of this pair of CP yo.In the collocation should also pay attention to, the skirt version can not choose too narrow, A word version or H version is very good, the slit design of the skirt is YYDS, not pressure is also fashionable.A little bit of cleavage, a little suspense is more amazing.If you have O-legs, it is more suitable to buy a large boot that is not so close to the leg, and a stiff boot will also be much better.But in the dress can learn to wear miscellaneous dress, choose length can cover boots umbrella skirt.Or directly with ankle boots, more sophisticated.2. Long skirt + tights 1) half skirt + tights + sneakers autumn and winter long skirt + tights is really YYDS, long skirt with all kinds of windbreaker and waistcoat, wear out different styles, like casual wind to wear, you can choose a pair of sneakers.2) For an elegant look, pair loafers with an umbrella skirt that reaches down to the calf, and gray hosiery is more stylish, which is both legless and comfortable.Round-toed brown loafers are British, while the elegance of an umbrella dress adds a touch of freedom.Medium boots don’t always have to be heavy, but you can choose something lightweight, such as a soft fabric.If it is a small man, it is recommended that you put a pair of insole about 3 cm inside the boots, more show the thick and slender legs.Written to in the end, this period of square face how women to become senior share to this will be over, if you have questions related to fashion, welcome to leave a message in the comments section, thanks for reading, QY ~ statement: in this paper, original text, images from the network, if there are any infringement, please contact to delete, thank you # # life clock in winter season  # # # #  straight canister skirt