In just 10 days!”Watergate Bridge” tops the global box office for 2022

2022-05-02 0 By

On February 10, Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake topped the global box office chart for 2022 with $398 million.As of 13th, it still ranked no. 1 with $480 million!It should be said that Chinese films are still in a period of “strategic stalemate” in the global war against COVID-19, and their performance is very prominent in global films.Last year’s “Changjin Lake” also topped the global box office between October and December last year. Although it was later replaced by “Spider-Man 3,” it is also worth paying attention to as a film focusing on the local market.According to the current trend, “Nagatsu Lake Watergate Bridge” should stay at the top for a long time, because the second place is far behind “Nagatsu Lake Watergate Bridge” by 270 million.It’s hard to break through the Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake in the short term!Unless there’s another dark horse!On the one hand, we hope watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake stays strong and maybe tops this year’s championship!On the other hand, expect no more dark horse in cinema!Another important parameter is that the epidemic stops spreading and gradually dies out!That’s the real spring of global cinema!(China Film Film Research Institute)