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Recently, the Former Guo County Procuratorate took the initiative to carry out a review of the necessity of post-arrest detention for juvenile suspects who were approved for arrest, and issued a supervision and supervision order to their guardians while making conditional non-prosecution in accordance with the law.In the examination and arrest stage, the former Guo County Procuratorate approved the arrest of the suspect in accordance with the law because the suspect did not have effective guardianship conditions, and did not actively fulfill the obligation of compensation, and did not reach a reconciliation agreement with the victim.After the case was transferred to the public security organ for examination and prosecution, the prosecutor, through a comprehensive analysis of the evidence of the whole case, actively carried out family meeting, psychological counseling, providing legal aid and other work, and at the same time conducted parental education for the legal agent, so as to facilitate the two sides to reach an understanding agreement.Considering the reasons of the suspect’s suspected crime, subjective malignant, repentance, compensation and understanding, family guardianship and other factors, the People’s Procuratorate of Qianguo County concluded that it was not necessary for the suspect to continue detention, and decided to release the suspect on bail after listening to the opinions of the public security organ, the victim and his legal representative.In the stage of review and prosecution, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of the procuratorial organs handling cases, the Procuratorate of Qianguo County conducted a closed hearing on whether the suspects met the conditions without prosecution. The case handling unit, relevant case handling persons and legal representatives were invited to participate in the hearing.After hearing the introduction of the case by the case organizer, all parties to the hearing expressed their opinions respectively, and the procuratorial organ made a conditional decision not to prosecute the suspect based on the opinions of all parties.On this basis, it strengthened the efforts of continuous tracking and help and education, carried out admonitions and education to the criminal suspects, and signed the agreement of help and education investigation with the criminal suspects and their legal representatives together with the Commission of Customs Work, and formulated personalized investigation plans to save minors to the maximum extent.To supervise and urge the guardian to better fulfill their duties of guardianship and investment promotion’s procuratorate to guardian “urged the order on the spot, and combined with the new” family education promotion law of the People’s Republic of China, from two aspects of guidance and assigned to family education guidance to the parents of the criminal suspects, guide the parents pay more attention to family education, respecting the rule of minors’ body and mind development and individual differences,Fulfill the responsibility of family education.This case the integrated use of the necessity of underage criminal suspect in custody censorship, attach conditions not to prosecute and sent guardian supervise and urge the order and other measures, it is the embodiment of love underage criminal suspect in a series of, fully embodies the judicial, procuratorial organs for the people has obtained the good political effect, social effect and legal effect.