Can the MACD index formula of god still be used

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In my opinion, MACD is just a probability, and it is no different from the principle that we set the lottery to a big small, a small big, and then the circle is in the middle.Actually rise or fall after all, depend on the company, depend on the orgnization, depend on the main force, depend on the banker, still depend on the capital market to the survival environment of this enterprise, market competitiveness, product future direction, whether orgnization is not optimistic, wait for a lot of news that is profitable or much is closely related.There is no index formula or a financial business class in the world can be highly profitable, investment in any stock can make 100% profit, the birth of we media financial business charging teaching, round many people want to find a shortcut to invest in the stock rise.If you can really listen to the success of the stock market, there is no one to do the maker or the main force, the whole Chinese can only take stock dividends, there is no difference between ups and downs.It’s another word: the performance deficit index and the dividend spread.Of course, if she hadn’t said that, we might never have known that there was a yellow pull-up.The pull band only works on stocks that have been going up, often reversing direction, and the pull band becomes a flamboyant decoration.There is no investment reference value.The MACD parameter is now advertised in innumerable versions by institutions or educational profiteers.Original parameter: 12;26.9. At present, MACD parameter versions of various APP platforms are as follows in various we-media video finance classes.10;5/14;53.5/6;13;5/5;34.53.8;33/26;52.52/6;30/68;13;9/6;15.6 etc up to 8 MACD parameters.If you don’t know how to program, then you can’t undo the formula for the rise band index.Failure, failure, the M number is ok.Test succeeded Test succeeded.DIF:EMA(CLOSE,12) -ema (CLOSE,26),COLORRED; DIF:EMA(CLOSE,12) -ema (CLOSE,26),COLORRED;DEA:EMA(DIF,9),COLORYELLOW;MACD:(DIF-DEA)*2,COLORSTICK;STICKLINE(MACD>MA (MACD, 5), MACD, MA (MACD, 5), 1, 0), COLOR80FFFF;The following is a comparison chart of various MACD parameters: the standard MACD is only different in color from the original MACD, and the lifting band is not so magical. With this parent, we can also make a lifting band prompt on the main graph.Any other indicator can be copied.STICKLINE(MACD>MA (MACD, 5), MACD, MA (MACD, 5), 1, 0), COLOR80FFFF;The lifting zone introduces all the MACD collective comparison as follows: the large parameter 26.52.52 has the largest error. This large parameter can be used to test the boundary between bull and bear, trading in the red column area.As you can probably see, the lifting band is also emitting yellow ribbons as it falls.That is to say, the dot of the ribbon is not an investment reference.Let’s just say the stock is about to go up, maybe.Anyway, I’ll see you next time because of time, next time we’ll look at adding text hints to MACD.