0-2 to 3-2!China won the Asian Women’s Football Cup, five people contributed, one was abandoned by Jia Xiuquan

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Many fans who watched the first half of the match between The Chinese women’s football team and the Korean women’s football team chose to turn off the TV at the halftime, thinking that the champion should be South Korea.In the first half, the Chinese women’s football team was clearly disorganized and conceded two goals to South Korea, so in their opinion, the Chinese women’s football team should be helpless.However, the stalwart Chinese women’s team came back from 2-0 down with three goals in the second half to complete a 3-2 comeback.China’s women’s football team has returned to the top of Asia after 16 years.The Chinese women’s football team was able to come back from a 2-goal deficit to win the gold medal. There are five players who can be attributed to them. One of them was abandoned by Jia Xiuquan.The first thing to say is goalkeeper Zhu Yu!The match against Japan, before the arrival of penalty kicks, there are always fans in the bullet screen message Zhu Yu when the goalkeeper is not good.However, Zhu proved herself in the penalty shootout, saving twice to send China into the final.Added time, in the face of Sun Huajuan penalty area of the strong shot, Zhu Yu again to a god reaction, even the hands to block out.No matter what zhu Yu’s ability is, it is difficult for Chinese women’s football team to stand on the top of Asia with a different goalkeeper. Zhu Yu is a blessing for Chinese women’s football team.The second one is Zhang Linyan!Zhang Linyan is a native of Jiangyou, Sichuan Province. The 21-year-old is regarded as the successor to Sun Wen. Despite her slight body, she is very clever and has excellent ball sense.She replaced Wang Shuang in the second half after the appearance, became the beginning of the Chinese women’s football turning point.The equaliser came from Zhang Linyan’s header.Zhang Linyan was also involved in the other two goals.The third one is xiao Yuyi who scored the final goal.It was Xiao Yuyi’s goal in the 93rd minute that finally sealed China’s victory over South Korea.Xiao nearly gave up soccer because her grades were so good, but now she seems to have made the right choice.Xiao yuyi’s father also gave his daughter a full score after the match!Talking about Xiao Yuyi’s killer, we have to mention Wang Xiaoxue.If wang Xiaoxue had not put herself out of the way two minutes earlier, xiao Yuyi might not have made it.In the face of Lee Jinwen’s blast, Wang Xiaoxue dares to block with her body, which is really very impressive.If it were not for Wang Xiaoxue, Lee Jinmin’s shot would have rewritten the score on the field, 3-2 would not be The Chinese women’s soccer team, but the Korean women’s soccer team.After the match, many fans thought xiao Yuyi was the first hero of the Chinese women’s football team.The fifth is once abandoned by Jia Xiuquan, did not take her on the Tokyo Olympic Games Tang Jiali.All three goals of the Chinese women’s football team are related to Tang Jiali.The first goal is from tang Jiali’s penalty, the second goal is by Tang Jiali in the completion of the 1V2 man ball after the point, assist Zhang Linyan completed, the third goal is Tang Jiali straight plug launched the attack.The Chinese women’s football team can enter the Tokyo Olympic Games, Tang Jiali is also one of the absolute heroes, but did not expect Jia Xiuquan but before going to Tokyo, tang Jiali abandoned, the reason given is that Tang Jiali has an injury.However, Tang Jiali turned to join the Spurs, with the fact to deny his injury.Tang also played very well for Tottenham. After the Chinese women’s football team won the title, tottenham officials also reported that Tang helped the Chinese women’s football team win the title.I’m glad that the Chinese women’s football team is on the right track under the leadership of Shui Qingxia.Thumbs up for The Chinese women’s football team, and thumbs up for the “no water” water coach!