Xihe Art Village, Longhu District, Shantou: “Mountain Tiger”, a traditional Chaoshan folk house, gives birth to an Internet celebrity cultural and creative village

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Photo, video/Yangcheng Evening News all media reporter Zhao Yingguang intern Zheng Jiamin Zu Ying Congou tea set, beef hot pot, fishing skills…The vivid 3D wall painting collids with the traditional Chaoshan folk house “Shanxihu”, and a great picture of the beautiful countryside comes into view.On the fourth day of the lunar New Year (February 4), reporters from Yangcheng Evening News followed tourists into Shiyihe Village, located at the southwest end of Xinhai Street in Longhu District of Shantou city, and experienced the unique Taste of Chaoshan New Year in the fusion of tradition and modernity.A few days before the Spring Festival holiday this year, it was raining and cloudy in Shantou. On the day of the reporter’s visit, the rain had cleared and the sunshine’s “balance” had been recharged successfully.Enter Shihe Village, pass through a simple and quiet beauty of the “mountain tiger” residential houses, I saw the Chinese knot decorated streets clean and tidy, full of flavor of the New Year, garden-style outdoor tea house decorated with ancient and ancient colors, attracting many tourists here to drink tea and chat, taste the slow life of leisure.According to Xie Yinxiang, deputy director of shiyihe Village Committee, the village has 746 tile-and-tile “Mountain Tiger” Chaoshan traditional houses. Based on the “beautiful village” construction plan,These traditional “mountain tiger” dwellings are gradually upgraded and transformed into art studios, restaurants and antique homestays full of artistic atmosphere.”Transforming traditional houses into iconic landmarks can attract more people to come back to Chaoshan. I think it’s meaningful to transform old houses.”Mr. Lin, a tourist, visited Shiihe Village during the Spring Festival holiday. While praising the art upgrading of Shiihe Village, he also said that the combination of old house reconstruction and Chaoshan culture could display Chaoshan culture in an all-round way and enhance the cohesion of Chaoshan culture.During the Spring Festival, many tourists bring their families to Shiihe Art Village to punch in. “Shiihe village makes me feel like I was a child.”Reporters visit the process, many tourists are issued such exclamation.Xie Yinxiang told reporters that the renovation of the old houses in eleven villages follows the idea of “earth gas”, the congou tea, “mountain tiger” these cultural symbols used to in chaoshan area together, behind the transmission is actually the pursuit of childhood memories.In addition, the three-dimensional painting of extremely rich Chaoshan amorous feelings is also the “highlight” of many tourists.The reporter saw at the scene that the red theme of education, farming culture, chaoshan folk customs and other theme walls painted all the characteristics and cultural deposits of Chaoshan, adding a bright color for Shiyihe Village, vivid and bright effect to attract tourists to come to take photos “punch card”.During the Spring Festival, many tourists bring their families to The Village to clock in. In addition, the village has also launched convenient measures for the Spring Festival travel.It is understood that the 11 he village committee has carried out “three clearance and three demolition” work on nanling roadside in front of the village, increasing manpower input to ensure the daily cleaning of the village road, hard ground construction on both sides of the village road, new parking space, to solve the problem of difficult parking for tourists.Meanwhile, the construction of landmarks and renovation of flowers and plants at the entrance of the village will also be completed before the Lantern Festival.It is reported that 11 he village was originally a very ordinary village in Chaoshan area, in recent years with the deepening of the reform and opening up, villagers have washed their feet ashore to start their own business, thus many vacant old houses.The vacant old house has gradually attracted a group of literary and art workers and talents in various fields. They have adapted measures to local conditions and integrated the sense of The Times while retaining the traditional characteristics of Chaoshan. They have carried out creative design and development of the old house to build chaoshan characteristic art villages with clean environment, good facilities and rich tourism and art characteristics.The wall paint of vivid works attract many tourists took photos, according to Xie Yinxiang revitalization strategy in the country, under the support of continuous construction of “11 arts village”, officially opened on December 1, 2020, and quickly became the new “web celebrity village”, attracting a large number of tourists come to visit, give the old rural new energy,It has greatly promoted the development of “Internet celebrity economy” and “courtyard economy”, greatly increased the income of local villagers, and explored a new way of coexistence of inheritance and innovation, and parallel protection and development.”I hope to give full play to the renovation potential of the old houses and build Shiyihe Village into a village integrating art and tourism, so that every tourist will want to come back after coming.”Xie yinxiang is confident about the future development of Shiyihe Village.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Huang Lei