The whole department one yuan test drive enjoy a lucky draw opportunity to upgrade

2022-05-01 0 By

From now until February 28, 2022, the official flagship store of Volvo Car TianMAO will hold a lucky draw for one-yuan test drive and upgrade.Users pay a deposit of one yuan for a test drive online, and then they can get an exclusive lucky draw once at the store after verification and successful test drive of any model (four prizes will be selected once). First draw, first get!1. The customer selects the dealer (Ganzhou Lvdi Xiangwo AUTOMOBILE 4S Shop) and pays 1 YUAN as test drive deposit 2.The customer receives the mobile verification code 3. Make an appointment with the dealer (Ganzhou Lvdi Xiangwo AUTOMOBILE 4S Shop) to test drive 4.The customer arrives at the store on time to enjoy the test drive service and use the verification code 5. The customer provides the test drive agreement/photo to the customer service of TianMAO for approval 6.After approval, gifts will be distributed within 30 working days.Information hotline: 13097164116 Activity time From February 3, 2022 to February 5, 2022