Talk about watching TV series “The World”, talk about Mr. Sima Nan’s “scar” theory is pandering to whom

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Now, with the current TV series The World, “scar literature” is all the rage again.Recently, Sima Nan also expressed his views on “scar literature”.He thinks “scar literature” is the cultural colonization of the West.In the late 1970s, with the end of the decade-long Cultural Revolution, tens of millions of educated young people returned to the city, and people began to reflect calmly on the history of the decade-long Cultural Revolution.The emergence of “scar literature” is directly caused by middle school graduation, or even before graduation, being confused into the flood of “educated youth”, many of whom are still minors.Should have learned the age, but was terminated education, all rushed to the countryside to spring planting, summer hoe, autumn harvest, resulting in a lot of educated youth tragedy, tragic case.On August 11, 1978, Wen Wei Po published lu Xinhua’s short story “Scar”, which opened the prelude of “scar literature”.In fact, tens of millions of middle school students are forced to stop their studies and go to the countryside to plant the land itself, which is a “scar”.As a matter of fact, poor farmers do not allow the raising of chickens, ducks, geese and pigs, and do not let go of the “small waste”, etc., which is also a “scar”.In fact, low-wage factory workers, no matter how much they do well, do not receive a “bonus”, which is a “scar”.In common people life all improve the 21st century today, the telephone, television sets, washing machines, tractors, cars and so on into the barrios of the 21st century today,, primary school students in a variety of cram school, has been the rise of the 21st century today, we calm looking back to history, “spiritual wounds” self-evident!Moreover, during the “ten-year Cultural Revolution”, countless innocent people suffered cruel physical and spiritual persecution and destruction.At the end of 1970s and the beginning of 1980s, “scar literature” dominated the Chinese literary circle, which was a historical inevitability and a completely normal literary phenomenon.Do ulterior motives casually label “scar literature” as “Western”?Is the heart too poison, too hot hand ah!At the end of the “ten-year Cultural Revolution”, it is a wise move for the public to reflect on this history, remember this history, so that the historical tragedy will not be repeated again, and then develop “scar literature”.”Scar literature” awakens long-lost human nature and conscience, and lays a solid social foundation for the formation of a good social atmosphere and the rule of law.At that time, the representative works of “Scar literature” included “Homeroom Teacher”, “Child from the Forest”, “Sacred Mission”, “Battle of the Soul”, “Flower Shop”, “Xu MAO and his Daughters” and so on.Now, someone has completely denied “scar literature”, and has gone on the line indefinitely, saying that “scar literature” vilifies and blackens human beings, which is really inhuman nonsense ah!Sima Nan, who is always sober and claims to be able to distinguish black and white and right and wrong, also labeled “scar literature” as “Western”.Or are you deliberately muddying the waters and turning them upside down?If so spoof, then Mr. Sima nan’s intentions!