Script Home Linux Offline server Mysql 5.7.36 Automatic installation scripts

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Script Home: Script home is used to install applications on non-networked servers.Need to add version, software support, installation error on the premise of the author has the ability to develop scripts in a short period of time.The following script if there is a need to direct private letter, all free no routine.Automatic script JDK17.0.1Docker 1.20.2Redis 6.2.6Mysql 8.0.27MysqlMaven 11.0.13JDK 8.311Maven 3.8.4 openResty 3.10.21.Download and uploaded to the server directory any download address: link: extracted code: direct messages to get 2 directly.Add execute permission chmod +x install.py4.Install./install.py5. Modify the configuration. Note before using the mysql server: The mysql server has been started on port 3306.After the mysql server succeeds, it cannot be used properly. You must change the password.Use the preceding password to log in to mysql and run the following command to change the password: set global VALIDate_password_policy =0;set global validate_password_length=1; alter user 'root'@ & # 39;localhost' identified by '& # 39; 123456;The remote login account is not modified. Please handle it by Baidu.Stop command: systemctl stop mysqld Start command: systemctl start mysqld Configuration file path: /etc/my.cnf