Pure coupe style Lamando L shape is really hot

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Since saic Volkswagen Lamando L announced the official plan, the pure sedan car styling caused hot discussion in the market.As a spicy aesthetic digital coupe, Lamando L can satisfy all the imaginations of coupe lovers.Frameless door hatchback rear door shaping hot car type case to be called a pure car model, bear the brunt of the shape.As saic Volkswagen’s flagship sporty sedan, Lamando L’s frameless 4 doors, streamlined roof with sliding back and hatchback rear door all highlight its hot status as a sedan.Lamando L adopts a sporty unbalanced front face layout, a super-large grille, a fast downward pressure on the hood, and a significantly lower visual center of gravity, presenting a low posture closer to that of a sports car.The new headlights are shaped like goose feathers and convey a strong visual impression.Lamando L replaces the traditional grille with transverse luminous light belt and is closely connected with sharp headlights on both sides. With exaggerated proportion, it enhances the sense of movement and identification of the front face. With dynamic penetrating luminous Logo, it fully shows hot and cool.As a coupe that pursues the ultimate sense of sport, Lamando L uses organic and changeable line and surface combination on the side to make the light and shadow more varied.The frameless door opening and closing room for the first time shows charming lines, creating a light and dynamic carriage posture.The curve of the roof and the back of the car is seamless, perfectly connected with the slightly upturned tail wing, outlining the offensive attitude.With 18-inch Phantom blade wheel hub, lamando L dynamic and cool, unstoppable fighting atmosphere.Lamando L’s large hatchback door shows the sporty style of the coupe.The tail of the new car adopts a new layout, full of atmosphere, flat long and narrow through the taillight, highlighting the wider and low body effect, the movement of breath exploded.Inside the taillight, the combination of the flat and narrow light belt and the three-dimensional arrangement of the lamp post shows a strong sense of depth and flow when dynamic lighting.The rear bumper area uses a large black backpanel, with chrome trim running across the rear, to create a broad, low-slinged body with a pure athletic edge.As a coupe, Lamando L’s riding space also surprises people.Lamando L is 4784mm long, 1831mm wide and 1469mm high, with a wheelbase of 2731mm. The greatly improved body size is superior to that of the same class, creating a wide and transparent ride layout and opening a pleasant driving experience.Multi-screen intelligent link around the cockpit to create hot digital space not only the appearance of hot enough, the car experience with the eyes of a bright.Lamando L infuses digital technology while meticulously planning the space, and integrates fashion elements with the high-texture surrounding cabin design, so that users can instantly enjoy the hot and hot fashion experience.In order to meet the consumer demand for intelligent digital experience and strong, ling cross carried a suspension for the first time L double screen design, all 10 inch LCD digital instrument and 12 inches multi-touch LCD control panel combination as a whole, together with the central operating area presents the leaning to drive a trend, provide a rich and convenient interaction experience at the same time create a full digital cockpit feeling.The W-HUD head-up display system carried by Lamando L uses the principle of optical reflection to project driving information on the windshield, reducing the switching time of visual focus and improving driving safety and comfort.The instrument panel of Lamando L adopts through-through design, the functional area is clearly divided, neat and orderly, and the integrated decorative panel runs through the whole central console, extending all the way to the door guard plates on both sides, visually widening the interior space effect and enriching the sense of layers.The air conditioning air outlet adopts hidden design, which is integrated with the horizontal decorative plate, and has a sense of modern science and technology.Lamando L this dynamic sports coupe is equipped with an exclusive three-spoke racing multi-functional steering wheel, which is cut flat at the bottom and paired with high-gloss black touch buttons to create a sense of science and technology sports with leading interior decoration.The newly designed shell type collision color sports package seat provides a strong sense of wrapping, shoulder, waist, legs are hugging design, meet the requirements of ergonomics, while creating an immersive driving experience.The seat adopts “fountain style” special sewing perforated shape, the details show the style of the racing king.In terms of collocation, Lamando L provides two interior choices of scarlet neckwear with cool black theme and charming blue neckwear with pure desire theme, to meet the personalized choice of users.Lamando L reshapes its sports gene in an innovative and transformative way, interprets the aesthetic concept of movement with more radical and flamboyant design, and brings the trend-cutting choice for the youth of z-era who pursue individuality.Lamdo L coupe, is it hot enough?– the End —