Jiaxian to create a new benchmark of government services with “three degrees”

2022-05-01 0 By

Henan economic newspaper reporter Gina correspondent rope small flash “too convenient!Use “cloud” reservation on mobile phone, no need to queue directly to the enterprise opening window, 3 hours can get the business license, tax seal and electronic seal, free stamp can also be mailed, now registered enterprises is really convenient!”On February 17, Pingdingshan Yihe construction engineering Co., LTD. Manager Wang said in admiration.Mr. Fan jiaxian Ruipeng Construction and Installation Co., LTD.When he was dealing with tax invoices, “Didi” swiped his ID card on the smart self-service machine and the tax invoices were printed in a few seconds…What the people want, the government wants.Since “ability style construction year” activities, jiaxian and large data centers to government services “strong style and efficiency, the tree image” the work idea, in the heart, with love on solving the problem of the masses “distress sorrow hope”, to have a “temperature”, “speed” and “attitude”, the state’s service concept, enhance enterprise and masses of the acquisition, satisfaction,The “Year of Capacity building and Style Building” campaign has been effective.Pay attention to details, serve the masses “temperature”.In order to facilitate the masses to deal with various businesses.Jiaxian Government Affairs Service and Big Data Center focused on details, optimized regions and improved facilities, and established platforms including government affairs open area, senior service area and self-service “Three Areas and One Window” to maximize public business needs.There are 50 QR codes in the government affairs open area, which can be easily checked by mobile phone. Qr codes can be dynamically adjusted and updated in real time. Meanwhile, there are two intelligent platforms, which can randomly check government services, policies benefiting enterprises and people, and all kinds of policies.At the same time in order to help the elderly across smart “divide”, opened the elderly service zone, guide service personnel arrangement, open green channel, accompanied him, a variety of forms such as delay service, door-to-door service, to solve the old management problem, and is equipped with a rest area, yuexiang, wheelchair items such as convenience for the elderly.In the 24-hour self-service service area, can provide industry and commerce, tax, real estate and other 1212 self-service business, effectively fill non-working hours, holidays during the service blind spot, for enterprises and the masses to provide a more efficient channels, so that the service without blind spots.Through diversified services, enterprises and the people will feel the warmth of home.Intelligent and efficient, serve the masses have “speed”.In order to let enterprises and the public “run more Internet and less road”, onto the “highway”.At present, the Jiaxian Government affairs Cloud platform has effectively connected with provincial and municipal online government affairs service platforms, realizing the “one-stop operation” of 1,802 matters, and the comprehensive online operation rate of government affairs has reached more than 100%.Since the launch of the all-domain intelligent navigation “cloud calling system” for government services in September 2021, enterprises and the public have made online appointments to handle matters, reducing on-site waiting time.At the same time, the “cloud call system” extends to towns (streets) to solve the “last kilometer” of service to the masses.Since January this year, there have been 785 appointments and 2,231 applications made through the system.At the same time, we comprehensively sorted out 154 matters handled by towns and townships (subdistricts) and 33 matters handled by villages and communities, ensuring that all matters should be put on hold.For accelerating “a window office”, to “up to run a” for the gripper, integration of resources, to establish parallel mode of examination and approval, set up the enterprise set up, the real estate registration office, utility, engineering construction and the parallel approval window, let the enterprise and the masses enjoy the “one window to handle”, only run a quality service, to achieve the goal of service mass velocity.Appeal system, serve the masses “have attitude”.The appeal of the masses is the source of government service.Based on the demands of the masses, jia County set up a “lawsuit immediately” window in the administrative service center.Special personnel are assigned to the window to realize the whole process of handling people’s demands, standardize the process of handling “complaints should be answered” window, establish a ledger of problems, provide “assistant agents”, timely analysis of the problems reflected in the window, trace the source, appropriate medicine, focus on solving “difficult and complicated diseases”.We will do a good job in explaining and counseling matters that cannot be handled.For those that are “very difficult to handle”, we will strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments and study ways of accepting and accepting shortages to solve them.In case of “failure to handle”, supervision shall be conducted in a timely manner and the handling shall be promoted within a limited time;If no clear answer can be given on the spot, a joint meeting shall be held afterwards to study a solution.Through the establishment of the “lawsuit should be immediately” window, to provide consultation and guidance for enterprises and the masses, to achieve one-time notification, centralized treatment, to solve all kinds of difficult problems encountered by enterprises and the masses in the process of work.Up to now, the window has accepted all kinds of business 23 times.”The smiling faces of the crowd are the best report card.”Jiaxian Government Affairs Service Center will continue to “add” on service efficiency, “subtract” on approval procedures, “divide” on blocking points and difficulties, and “multiply” on innovative services to build a new platform for government services.It has won 8 honors, such as government service Demonstration unit of all-domain reservation intelligent navigation “Cloud Calling” system in 2021.