Champions League open black!O ‘Sullivan gets zero in a row!Carter and Ding Junhui promotion again welcome good!

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Chinese snooker player Ding Junhui takes part in the group 7 match of the 2021-2022 Professional snooker League on Feb 1, 2022 in Beijing.Ding junhui is also the only Chinese in group 7.In the first six groups of this Champions League.Three Chinese players have advanced to the championship group.They are Yan Bingtao, Liang Wenbo and Zhao Xintong.In the following matches, if Ding Junhui can break into the championship group, then Chinese snooker will reach a new high.In this champions League group 7 match can be described as a very strong squad.Apart from Ding junhui, O ‘Sullivan is also the biggest obstacle to progress for China’s top snooker player, along with John Higgins, Karen Wilson and Gould.All three have previous champions League titles, and with Neil Robertson sidelined due to illness, Walton’s inclusion in group 7 has also made the field a tight one.In the opening game of this season’s Champions League, o ‘Sullivan faced Gordon-Gordon-Kellen Wilson and Ali Carter faced Neil Robertson’s double Luke Walton.O ‘Sullivan, who beat Wilson in the 2020 World Championship final to tears, has won twice before in the Champions League, and her best finish in the champions League was just runner-up.In the face of this revenge, Karen Wilson fought hard and O ‘Sullivan was clearly out of form, eventually the match went into a one-sided state, and finally Karen Wilson beat O ‘Sullivan 3-0.The door black his encounter in the champions league second round opponent is higgins, an old friend, and his into the snooker league the same year, the last two years for his record in the dominant, his 2-0 in adverse situation, in the third row attack, abandoning his still made a mistake in the last minute is ultimately a 3-0 reversal,O ‘Sullivan is two consecutive start, the situation is not optimistic.Once a probably won’t lose his row, the last four of the group in the champions league, another opener, ali carter defeated the strong ridge Wharton, won the good start ali carter also account for the promotion of the initiative, in addition, ding junhui in the 0 to 1 behind, gould’s unfavorable situation,Finally defeated Gould 3:1 to get the first victory of the New Year for the Chinese New Year gift!