Blockbuster!Trade Harden!Nets 76ers will open trade talks, the big three will disintegrate

2022-05-01 0 By

9am on February 5th, Beijing time!The 76ers and The Nets will begin trade negotiations for Harden and Simmons.The NBA’s trade deadline is getting closer and closer, and free agency has been quite hectic lately.The Clippers and Trail Blazers have just made deals to strengthen each other, while the nets are likely to make a blockbuster trade in the near future.According to Shams, the Sixers will begin pursuing Harden in the next few days, and more importantly, the Nets are open to trade talks for harden, rather than trying to re-sign him all the time.It’s nothing new that the Sixers want harden. Simmons is leaving the team, the Sixers want Harden, and now the Nets are open to a trade for harden, given harden’s recent performance.You can see that Harden is likely to leave the team!With harden and Irving falling out and Nash being ignored, leaving the Nets may be the only way out for harden.The teams will hold trade talks this week, with the Nets offering Harden and the 76ers offering Simmons, Seth Curry, Maxie and Sabre.Now, as long as the 76ers can help the Nets win, Harden can be traded!With Harden and Embiid, the 76ers will jump multiple grades straight to the championship team!The Sixers missed out on Harden when he left the Rockets, and this time they’re ready and ready to win.With Harden’s departure, the Nets’ big three are on the verge of becoming the NBA’s biggest joke, playing 16 games in two seasons together.In other news, the Nets have decided that Harden’s style of play is incompatible with That of Durant and Irving.This is an important message!Harden’s departure may be in the trading day these days, the Nets big three is a joke after all!