Beijing Winter Olympics | ice Cube ice maker: The track is perfect for the opening race of the Winter Olympics

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Xinhua News Agency Beijing, January 28 (By Tan Chang, Liang Jinxiong, Ma Sijia, Zhang Yueshan)The national Aquatics Center, which has been transformed from the “water Cube” into an “ice Cube”, was filled with the sound of sliding, scraping and clashing of curling stones on The afternoon of July 28.Zhang Zhiyuan, a member of the Chinese ice team, and her companions incarnated as “pot-testers”, aiming at the point indicated by the foreign ice division and throwing the pot again and again.Hans Wuthrich (left) talks with Chinese personnel at the side of the curling track.British ice maker Mark Cullen and Canadian ice maker Hans Wutheridge watched the track of a curling stone closely, exchanging feelings about throwing and wiping the ice with the “pot-testers” from time to time.Handing over four Winter Olympic-appropriate curling tracks has been The only goal for Usridge and Cullen since they stepped into iccube on January 17.The curling mixed doubles round-robin tournament, the first match of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, will kick off here on Feb 2.This is the third time cullen and Wuthrich have worked together to make ice at the Winter Games.In Beijing, Mr. Wuthrich was the ice maker and Ms. Cullen was his deputy;During the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games, Karen will stay in Beijing as the main ice maker for wheelchair curling.”Working for the Winter Olympics is definitely the highest honor in ice making and one of my greatest joys.”Cullen said that the Chinese colleagues in the Icecube stadium are highly professional and cooperate well with foreign experts, and the ice making work is progressing smoothly.Mark Cullen (center) briefs reporters on ice making.Xinhua News Agency reporter Liang Jinxiong photograph in recent days, “ice Cube” curling track gradually take shape, the appearance has been the same as the competition.After completing several rounds of pot testing, Usridge 28 afternoon told reporters that the track has met the competition standards.”It’s easy for the ice team to get the track ready.The real challenge is to make sure the track is’ consistent ‘during the competition, that every team can compete on the same ice whenever they step on the field.”Wutheridge said curling is the most demanding on the ice compared to other winter sports, and small differences can make all the difference.In line with the idea of “repeated utilization, comprehensive utilization and lasting utilization of stadiums”, the National Aquatics Center has transformed the swimming pool into a curling track through the construction of a movable and convertible venue structure, so as to realize the coexistence and free transformation of the two functions of water events and ice events.It is understood that the icecube has conducted several test matches, and the sensor data of displacement and ambient temperature in the venue show that the stability of the track fully meets the requirements of curling competition.”The stability of the circuit has been perfect and my Chinese colleagues have put in a lot of effort to achieve this and I sincerely congratulate them on such a satisfactory result.””Wuthrich said.Two ice makers are looking forward to the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.”I feel 100 percent the togetherness and the Olympic spirit here and really feel that everyone is working towards the same goal,” cullen said.As one family, we are committed to ensure the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Editors: Ding Wenxian, Wu Bowen, Cao Yibo, Yin Shiqi (Intern)