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Directory “bestowed favor evolution” author: fish and (2) “bestowed favor using manual” author: prescribed by ritual law swim in 3. “the way of bestowed favor” author: blue skies 4. “the harem bestowed favor cultivation system, the author: fall Chen rhyme 5.” rashly bestowed favor “author: ShengShiQing song 6. The ShengChong prince, princess,” the author: tendril wonderful tour greasewood 1. “bestowed favor evolution” author: fish and copywriting:Shen luca brasi rewelding really think she is a lazy man, for fame and fortune that never any fun, but her dad is the same is one the prime minister’s adult, my mother is the first emperor, large princess first sister and brother is ever-victorious general war town kingdoms, she was a small given as pearl infanta, draft ceremony, chanting, finally gives the imperial concubine of the emperor, harem unique existence.This status, compared to insufficient, compared to the next but more than very, so in this empress was empty, successor and powerless under the situation, Shen imperial concubine life is not spoiled, work with the emperor constantly, finally happy husband and wife, full of descendants, become a real sense of the only spoiled harem.A Luo was a naive girl before she was reborn.After being reborn, ah Luo is a sick girl with lovely appearance but dark heart.People who know her true nature shun her.Only the current regent can’t pet her enough.He gave her everything she wanted, even the throne she didn’t want, he shoved it down her throat.3. “The way of pet Concubine” author: Bi Yuntian copywriter: Who has Gu Xiang poor, was sold to people as a concubine by his own mother……It seems that everything has become prosperous, but who tm told her why her father-in-law huai ‘an king would rebel, why her son all died and left her husband.Orz, so she’s going to be the princess of The Crown?4. “Harem Concubine Cultivation System” by: Luo Chen Yun copywriting: Through to the emperor’s growth plan in the harem of muwan song feel yalei Mountain.This is what kind of palace ah — Chang ‘e, Xi Shi, Yang Yuhuan, Wang Zhaojun, Diao Chan, and Zhao Feiyan, etc., these beauty group attack, how can she become the so-called pet concubine?This is the story of a sad girl trying to topple one scheming beauty after another.5. “Attacking Pet Concubine” by Shengshi Qing Song copywriting: The harem of Qin Dynasty, three powers.Family, queen mother, the emperor, each other.The past life Of Shen Vrova as a pet zhao yi, but deference good virtue, waste good people.Before she died, she knew that forbearance and virtue would not necessarily lead to a long life.This life, she wants to spoil the crown harem, a unique show!6. “Imperial Concubine of the Flourishing grace” author: Gracilari Copy: Once through, the belly black crafty she became mu Guo-gong house a daughter.Mu Guogong house flat wife in power, child sister run amok, child brother arrogance, aunt fraud, human unruly, she this original match out of the daughter has no status at all, bullied by the tragic.She’s the golden agent of the 21st century, the only one who knows when it’s their turn to bully.The evil slave deceives the Lord and blows away.The stepmother’s gonna kick your ass.You can’t stand up when you’re slapped.She would kill anyone who was mean to her.However, although she is ruthless and merciless, to deal with her people, how can provoke that only avoid less than the belly black male, no matter where she ran, he can appear at any time in front of her, belly black smile: “next, where are you ready to escape?”