Jiao Jiao voice out of the mountain media!This mountain scenery no longer!

2022-04-30 0 By

On February 7, comedian Jiao Jiao announced her retirement from Benshan Media in a post on social media.She said: “I have officially quit the mountain media, there will be anything in the future, have nothing to do with the mountain media, I bear the grievance for several years, finally can relax the mood, I no longer silent, and want to fight back.My marriage failed, and the hardships of life made me lose my dream.Evil begets evil, and god will take care of itself.”At the same time, Jiao Jiao also expressed her feelings in the comments section, she wrote: I have no retreat, as an actress she has no choice, words are full of helplessness and sadness.Jiao Jiao is a nobody, even she dares to publicly declare to quit the mountain media!From another side, we can see that Zhao Benshan really does not have any binding force for his disciples. No one cares about his opinions. For the management is really out of control, zhao Benshan’s prestige is indeed not as good as in those days.There was a joke before, wang Sicong just returned to China, happened to catch Zhao Benshan bragging about buying a private jet.Wang Sicong onlookers congratulations said “farmers are farmers, spend 300 million to buy aircraft is also a farmer”!The next day, wang received six stitches after being hit over the head with a wine bottle at a roadside stall.Although it was a joke, zhao benshan did have prestige at that time.There are a lot of people who visit Zhao Benshan, they are famous in the circle.Zhang Ziyi flew to Shenyang just to take a photo with Zhao Benshan.In order to have a hot pot with Zhao Benshan, Lin Zhiling specially flew across the Strait to the northeast;Actress Cecilia Cheung almost joined Benshan Media at one point;Hong Kong wine merchant Huang Teping, Chen Huimin and Liang Xiaolong came to Shenyang specially to visit Zhao Benshan;Jack Ma has been to Shenyang for many times to watch Liu Laogen stage performance, Jack Ma has also visited Zhao Benshan;At that time, the scenery was boundless, and the apprentices were “clever and obedient”.But since quitting the Spring Festival Gala, Zhao Benshan has been very low-key, now Zhao Benshan, rarely appear in the screen, on the one hand, he is getting older and older, there is no more energy, on the other hand, the controversy around him is too huge.The younger generation can be forgiven for disrespecting, but why do you want to step on it again?There are three thousand nails in the broken ship. Be a man with love and righteousness!