Hequ Rural Commercial Bank: “A good start” to bid implementation

2022-04-30 0 By

Since the opening of the first quarter, Hequ Rural Commercial Bank has continuously optimized the deposit structure and achieved positive results in fund organization by enriching the publicity mode, strengthening the service quality and efficiency, implementing marketing activities, hardening the work style and other powerful measures.Up to now, the bank’s deposits of 6.848 billion yuan, a net increase of 678 million yuan compared with the beginning of the first quarter, ahead of schedule to achieve a good start to the target of 123.22%;Among them, public deposits amounted to 1.014 billion yuan, a net increase of 247 million yuan compared with the beginning of the year.It is rich propaganda content, sing deposit win advantage.The bank fully opened the financial service mode of “white + black”. Through electronic display screen, wechat circle of friends, village-level publicity board, village-level contact group and other timely release of “good start” activity preferential information, to ensure full coverage of “online and offline” publicity, to promote financial products according to customer needs, to establish standing books, implementation and tracking.And give full play to the 101 rural financial service and jin e pay merchants joint propaganda function, outstanding product advantages, through the organization to carry out series of marketing activities and the continuation of the “eight” marketing strategy, with “customers” to “expand”, formed “villagers with person of hometown, customer with customer, to the point with surface” mode, reduce the distance between people.Second, pay attention to service details, quality service to win customers.The bank seized the favorable opportunities of people flow, logistics and capital flow during the Spring Festival, and steadily promoted classified customer marketing. According to customer needs, the bank made full use of the advantages of various products to promote targeted financial products such as mobile banking, Jinenjoy series, certificates of deposit, and financial products.Carry out telemarketing for the customer group information ledger within the label, and provide “package” financial services for customers in need;Give full play to the advantages of lobby managers, accurately identify customers, do a good job in hall guidance and customer diversion, meet the diversified financial needs of customers with a full range of financial services, and effectively expand basic customers.At the same time, combined with the Spring Festival, counter, hall, customer manager efficient linkage, strengthen service guarantee, for customers in demand to provide new notes, notes, door-to-door for merchants to exchange coins;In combination with volunteer service and caring actions, we explored the difficulties faced by special groups such as left-behind children and lonely elderly people in our area, proactively asked for solutions and sent blessings and consolation goods, so that people could truly feel the warmth, responsibility and responsibility of rural commercial banks.Third, hardening work style, supervision and assessment to win actual results.Implement the team members and departments of the package management and the “five guide” mechanism, and effectively achieve the “upper and lower linkage, joint efforts to tackle the problem”;Implementation of the “daily report, weekly review, week assessment, weeks to deliver, profiling” system, and strive to give play to the role of performance appraisal “baton”, make the work more and less pain, no pain no less “concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the distribution of the full seize business market, innovation measures, for the annual business management work to lay a solid foundation.The left navigation kai