Good morning in the Year of the Tiger, let the hands of flowers wake up your taste buds

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Good morning, I wish you all a happy New Year!The Year of the Tiger has officially come to us after the countdown of The New Year’s Eve. Today is the first official day of the Year of the Tiger. In the choice of opening the year of the tiger, I have thought a lot and finally chose Ethiopian beans.If I had to take one or two kinds of beans on a trip, I would probably take Ethiopia and Colombia. As for your suggestion that I become a bean?Huh?What’s the hurry?Hahaha ~ I haven’t thought about that, maybe Ethiopian beans or Colombian beans?Want to go to Ethiopia and Colombia to find beans ~ Today’s hand is The Ethiopian flower, native (Heirloom) sun baked beans, from Guji, 1800-2200m high mountain altitude, balanced acidity and moderate, refreshing taste;Rich tropical fruit notes with sun-baked beans and light citrus and floral notes, and deep fried.Boiling suggestion ① : 16g powder, water temperature 92℃ water powder ratio: 1:16, stuffy steaming 30s three-stage extraction, extraction end time:2:18g powder, water temperature 93℃ water powder ratio: 1:16, stuffy steaming 40s three-stage extraction, extraction end time:2’40 seconds (surprise, delicious, strong taste) boiling suggestion ③ : 16g powder, water temperature 93℃ water powder ratio:1:15, stuffy steam 30s four-stage extraction, extraction end time: 2’15 seconds (very good oh, rich flavor)15g powder, water temperature 92℃ water-powder ratio: 1:16, stuffy steam 30s one-stage extraction, extraction end time: 2 minutes (clean, elegant, suitable for early morning)15g powder, water temperature 93℃ water powder ratio: 1:13, stuffy steam 30s three-stage extraction, extraction end time: 2 minutes is biased to rich taste.⑥ He packed up and slipped out of the house before he could rush…Next time fill up ~ gameplay is really much!The final cooking flavor is purely personal preference ~ Wish you all the New Year tiger tiger brain (not) tiger Tiger alive!Red, red, tiger!About the sweet taste of coffee: CULTURAL CAT LINK, reveal how attractive the non-existent flavor is, extract the soul: Culture CAT, coffee climax gorgeous transformation novel gameplay: fun for a few people experiment, not boring or boring 3 minutes gameplay?Show skills get: high-level scheduling method one OR three experience looking for beans two OR three things: CULTURAL CAT LINK romantic free and dangerous explorer (unveiled looking for beans) about us · Brand development:About us · Story 1: The spark between classical culture and modern art: In the “CULTURAL CAT LINK” I hide the deep feeling I give you (Chen Wan about CAT wan), all the beans can be chong:Hard to make duck series! Happy Gold Italian bean hand wash??CAT wan up to the CAT: Eyes, body, ears, tail, CAT, master psychology: CAT wan up to the CAT (qualified poop removal officer), no (not) CAT (understand) can not do mi Lu CAT emoji bag, self – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -2021 “CULTURAL CAT LINK” means that we will get together and connect together — we are interesting, warm and soulful — here we are “equal, respect, fun, innovation, harvest, growth and love”. Excellent you can also follow us to find your own “unique culture” “CULTURAL CAT”.Welcome to know more about my world~ I am Chen Wanyue, a boy born in the 1990s who loves cats and loves adventure and drinks. I am willing to communicate and grow with you and focus on company management, beverage research and development, culture and art, and entrepreneurship