5 kinds of beautiful flowers, cheap and easy to keep, keep a few POTS on the balcony, into a beautiful small garden

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5 kinds of beautiful flowers, cheap and good, the balcony POTS, into a beautiful small garden during the Spring Festival many flowers friends will buy a few beautiful place flower, add a festive atmosphere for the festival, although these flowers bloom beautiful and happy, but the maintenance is some difficulty, because most of these flowers are nurtured in the greenhouse greenhouses, demanding on growth environment,After buying home, especially prone to yellow leaf wilt.After passing year, weather is warmer and warmer, can raise these 5 kinds of beautiful flower, not only price is cheap, still very good raise, go up in the balcony a few, flowering period can turn the balcony into beautiful little garden.Bougainvillea if usually more like flowering flowers, you can raise a few POTS of bougainvillea at home, it is better to raise than Chinese rose, but also special flowers, maintenance of a year can blossom many times, is very popular.Bougainbougaina it is not strict with soil requirements, family potted with rotting leaf soil and garden soil, and then mixed with some rotting organic fertilizer, can let it grow luxuriant.During conservation also need not go watering overmuch, basin soil is dry and thoroughly irrigated can, want to put it in sunny place to conserve at ordinary times, illumination is more sufficient, plant can blossom more.Although geranium geranium is very common flowers, but its flowering quantity is big, flowering period is long, special diligent flower, spring is raised on the balcony a few POTS, had preserved can open several stubble flower, the balcony also can become beautiful little garden.Geranium is strong to environmental adaptability, also need not how to go management at ordinary times, before plantlet blossoms, can add fertilizer of potash of a few phosphate to it more, maintain sufficient illumination, can let it blossom in great quantities.After the plant leaves flower, will residual flower and bare long branch clip, the branch is simple clip, can carry on cutting propagation again, about a month or so can survive, can blossom in those days.Crab claw orchid crab claw orchid this kind of cactus plant, can say to see soil can live, usually cut down the branch cuttings into the moist basin soil, about 20 days can take root alive.Summer maintenance, we should pay attention to shading and cooling, it is very afraid of high temperature and strong light, if directly placed in the sun, leaves are easy to be sunburned appear withered.Move the plant to a cool, ventilated place and water it less all summer.When autumn comes, replenish it with thin, fat water and begin to give it some scattered light, it will soon be fertile.Long life flower long life flower color is rich, flowering time is long, flowers, a few POTS are raised on the balcony, when spring can blossom full pot, very beautiful and spectacular.If you like to look at flowers at ordinary times, but you are always not good at raising them, you can raise several POTS of long-lived flowers. These pulpy plants are not only easy to raise, but also have beautiful flowers.Open flower in spring, can carry on pruning to its, cut off the branch, carry on cuttage again, live later, autumn pick heart to hit top to it again, and more complement phosphorus potassium fertilizer, see sunshine more, can let it a lot of pregnant bud, spring blossom again full basin.Periwinkles periwinkles are flowers that can bloom all the year round. If you like to see flowers, you can raise periwinkles on your balcony at home. Its leaves are green and bright, and its flowers are gorgeous and colorful.The changchun flower at home, in the maintenance of time to often give it to pick the heart dozen top, let it germinate more branches, usually give it some phosphorus potash fertilizer, and put potted in a sunny place to maintain, so you can make the plant bloom in large numbers.Above these 5 kinds of flowers, it is flowering beautiful and easy to raise flowers, raise a few POTS in the home, even without special management, also can let it grow exuberant, and a large number of flowers.If you want to know more about flower growing, please pay attention to the garden and share your flower growing experience every day!(Some pictures in the article come from the network, if there is infringement contact delete)