Xinshi street to carry out Spring Festival couplets righteousness writing righteousness gift activities

2022-04-29 0 By

Take pictures for the prelude of the Spring Festival with pen as companion.On January 26, Xinshi street invited calligraphy enthusiasts to carry out the activity of writing and donating Spring Festival couplets in the office meeting room.At the event site, calligraphy lovers lined up, laid paper grinding, waved ink, pen walking, red spread, write the Year of the Tiger New Year wishes into a series of auspicious Spring Festival couplets.In a short time, a deputy sending out fresh ink festive Spring Festival couplets shop full of all corners of the conference room, we choose couplets, pick couplets, comment on couplets, air couplets, festive auspicious words, full of good wishes and blessings for the New Year.According to statistics, during the event that lasted several hours, calligraphers wrote more than 700 sets of Spring Festival couplets and more than 300 sets of “fu”.The launch of this activity, not only reflects the charm of traditional culture, but also on the occasion of the Spring Festival, with this kind of nib flavor, for everyone to send a cultural feast.The majority of residents in the New Year’s blessing, but also feel the Chinese heritage of thousands of years of cultural customs, appreciate the unique charm of calligraphy art.