Spring breeze, such as a guest, a prosperous!The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on The day of Start of Spring amazed the world

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The fourth day of the year coincides with the beginning of Spring.The much-anticipated opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was finally held in the National Stadium “Bird’s Nest”, officially opening the Beijing Winter Olympic Games!We all know that the general director of the opening ceremony is the famous director zhang Yimou of the mainland.As early as 2008, guoshi introduced China to the world with the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.So know is he when the director later, all the people are at ease, after all has been, spread a word is: Zhang Yimou moves, will belong to the boutique.And so it turns out.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics has been widely praised, with some saying it was the best ever.Here’s a look back at some of the highlights of the opening ceremony.Since the opening ceremony of the countdown to the 24 solar terms began, netizens have been saying that they can always trust Zhang Yimou’s aesthetic appreciation and really understand the romance in China.After all, the whole opening ceremony can reflect the heritage of Chinese culture.Take the countdown.In the cycle of the 24 solar terms, the countdown starts with rain water and ends with Start of Spring.In an interview, Zhang yimou said that for nearly two years, he has been thinking of good ideas.Just have no clue, one day, he suddenly found that February 4 is the beginning of spring.Zhang Yimou was very surprised, also went to ask the staff, is specifically the opening ceremony at the beginning of spring this day?The original is a variety of factors, just locked February 4.Better to catch it early than catch it well, Zhang Yimou immediately had an idea: since it is the start of Spring, can we start from the perspective of Chinese culture, choose 24 solar terms, starting from 24 countdown?This has the opening ceremony of the 24 solar terms countdown.We just want to tell others that this is China’s 24 solar terms, is an ancient algorithm about time, the Popularization of Chinese culture.Countdown to the start of Spring, the opening ceremony officially opened the curtain, everywhere green surging in the center of the Bird’s Nest.Then the silhouette of a little boy appeared nearby.The little boy blew a breath, dandelion spread spread, seeds flew to the sky, representing the vitality and hope of spring spread to the earth.Dandelion seeds eventually turned into fireworks, in both Chinese and English in the air: SPRING, SPRING.After the start of Spring, 56 ethnic groups passed the national flag.Several children escorted the national flag to the center of the field, followed by pacesetters and heroes from 56 nationalities and all walks of life, dressed in their own distinctive clothes, passing the flag to the flag-raiser.At the same time as the national flag was passed, a little boy stood under the flagpole and played a loud and soulful “I and my Country” with a trumpet.The familiar song began and the flag inched forward.Many people were moved to tears, both on the scene and on the screen.4 water into ice after the flag, is the shock of the “ice and snow rings”.A drop of ice-blue ink drops from the sky and becomes the water of the Yellow River, pouring down.The artistic conception of the whole picture comes from the ancient Chinese poem “The water of the Yellow River comes from heaven”, which is a romantic imagination and praise for the mother river.And the churning waves did not stop, but eventually condensed into a crystal clear ice and snow world.Then a huge mass of water rose from the ice and quickly solidified into ice.The history of the host cities of the past 23 Winter Olympics, with 24 “laser cutters” carved around the stadium, was finally settled: 2022 Beijing, China.It was as if time had stopped.After the ice Cube was in the center of the stage, several athletes took the stage.They swung their sticks and sent the puck into the Ice Cube.The puck drives the skates, which collide repeatedly in the Ice Cube.The carving is also gradually completed, the ice Cube has been carved into a crystal clear ice and snow rings.The “Five rings” appeared again.In fact, this link also has deep meaning, “ice knife” carving ice cube represents “breaking the ice”, in traditional culture, means: approach each other, mutual understanding.After the fifth ring appears, the athletes of each representative team enter the stadium.Here’s a particularly romantic detail.It seems that Zhang Yimou and his team, is really careful.And the previous order of admission, mostly in accordance with the WAY of ABCD.This winter Olympics in Beijing, according to the order of Chinese strokes entered.The Chinese athletes entered the stadium dressed in red, waving the National flag and singing “Ode to the Motherland” once again.There was thunderous applause and all the Chinese red on and off the court.When all the athletes entered, the stage turned sky blue once again.The children danced with the guide boards.Then the small snowflake turned from the guide board converges to the center of the field.All the little snowflake centers have delegations’ names written on them.They seem to represent delegations that eventually converge into a “big snowflake”.To the familiar song let the World Be filled with Love, dozens of young people from all over the world walked side by side.As I pass, the scroll spreads out.It shows us our real lives and what is happening in one part of the world.We came from all over the world, but in the end, in the name of love, we chose to move forward together.To the familiar tune of Imagine, four groups of skaters make their way across the snow, spinning long tracks in their tracks that echo the Olympic slogan: Faster, Higher, Stronger — More United 10 Children’s Hope The Lost Man’s return to the stage was completed by a group of children.First, 40 children from the mountains sang the Olympic anthem.This was followed by a dove of peace.All the little children gathered around the big snowflake in the middle of the field.Only a peace doves child, as if is lost, do not know where to go.A child in the middle of the field came over to take him home with him.Maybe, as the kids say, all those who get lost eventually make it home.This is also the vision of all people: lost people, it is time to go home.In fact, in previous interviews, Zhang Yimou has confidently praised the ignition method.At that time, many netizens had some “bizarre” ideas, did not expect the director to the end, to everyone a surprise.In the first few links, modern technology has been used to the extreme, reflecting the ancient romance everywhere.At the end of the day, simplify things.The last torch is the main torch.The last stick torch left in the center of the big snowflake, it is a spark of fire, is a common cause, is love the world.It can be said that all the deposits have been gathered at this time.In fact, looking back, the whole opening ceremony is also worth recalling.Look like every link is very “simple”, do not break ingenious design however.Spring breeze, like a guest, will flourish as soon as it arrives.This opening ceremony with Chinese traditional culture as the background is really a perfect interpretation of “Chinese romance”.The end of the text is the end is also the beginning.