Shaoyang Fast police: mission will reach forever for the people

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Massachusetts moment on Feb. 9 – (correspondent Jiang time forward Hui), responsibility is changeless, beginner’s mind is changeless, shaoyang fast p is not in the way of a police patrol, every day is the scene of the industry in disposal of, they use one step a footprint of solid action, safeguard the peace city, serve the masses of the people, the mission will reach, forever for the people of beginner’s mind.Recently, Shaoyang Fast police no. 4 platform command center command, there are two couples in the area of conflict, the wife has a tendency to jump into the river.After receiving the police, the police rushed to the scene.The inquiry learned that the man song mou because of a dispute with his wife, temporarily angry beat his wife, his wife think imilability run away from home to jump into the river.After understanding the situation, quick police members of song’s behavior for criticism and education, then carry life-saving equipment around to find his wife.At this time of song because of drinking wine strength, mood is extremely unstable, several times to go to the river to find his wife, just as the man took off his shoes and clothes ready to go to the river, fast police team quick eye, quickly pull it on the shore.Later, a team member is responsible for guarding Song, the rest of the team continued to look for his wife.The police finally found his wife on the embankment across the river.Police officers patiently comforted his wife and approached her carefully. When her mood stabilized, they grabbed her and moved her to a safe place.The police team learned that his wife was advised to leave the safe area, Song finally relieved to repeatedly thank, the police team wholeheartedly for the people’s work style expressed high praise.The driver found the car left a bag, fast police multi-search for the owner of February 6 at 6:00 p.m., Shaoyang fast police no. 3 platform command center instruction, near xuefeng South Road there is a passenger left a bag in the taxi.After receiving the police, the police on duty immediately led the quick police team to the scene.Upon arriving at the scene, the taxi driver handed over the bag to the express police, who praised him for returning the money.After checking, the missing bag contained a bank card, a pair of shoes and some cash.Because there is no identity information in the bag, the owner can not be contacted, the police team had to temporarily bring the bag back to the platform for inquiry.After multiple search, fast police team finally contacted the owner, confirm the information is correct, the bag will be returned to the owner, the owner happily held fast police team’s hand repeatedly thanked: “without you people’s police, my bag can not be found back, thank you too!”.At 12:00 on February 7th, shaoyang Fast Police no. 3 platform received the command center’s instruction, there was someone in urgent need of help near Baoqing West Road.After receiving the police, the police on duty rushed to the scene.It is understood that there is a sick child in the car of the caller, who needs to be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. However, due to the traffic jam during the peak hours of traffic flow, the family cannot arrive in time, so they are anxious.The situation is critical, after understanding the situation, Liu Hongzhi immediately led the team to sound the police car alarm, escort for the vehicle guidance, to the fastest speed to the hospital, so that the children get timely treatment.”Thanks to you, thank you police comrades!”The child was successfully sent to the hospital for treatment, and the family members repeatedly bowed and thanked shaoyang Police for their warm-hearted rescue.