A female teacher born after 1995 has won praise from her parents for marking papers.

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After parents, teachers spend the most time with students.Students unconsciously want to communicate with teachers, which shows that such teachers are popular with students, students who like teachers are willing to learn, even without supervision, will actively learn, which is also welcomed by parents.In general, students prefer teachers who laugh and are easy-going, and teachers born after 1995, who have just started working, fit the profile.You can see why they appeal to students by the way they grade papers.After reading it, you will understand.First, after 1995, the female teacher corrected the examination papers and showed high eq, able to write and draw continuously. The female teacher born after 1995 has advanced thinking and interesting soul.Not only do their own work well, is also very responsible for the students, in the attention to the details of the work even students are very concerned about the roll.When the teacher was correcting her students’ math papers, she was very sad to see that the students had made mistakes in the whole big question because of their carelessness.She drew a tearful figure on the test paper and wrote this.If you’d been more careful, I wouldn’t be so sad.As maths teachers set an example in marking students’ papers, Chinese teachers showed no weakness.If the students answer the questions well and get good grades, the teacher will praise the students naturally.But how can a talented Chinese teacher pay lip service to his students?The Chinese teacher drew a doraemon and wrote down three words “great” to praise the students.I believe that when students see the teacher’s careful evaluation, they will feel relieved and confident to continue to make progress.In fact, post-1995 female teachers have high requirements for students and are not careless with them.Even if the students get high marks in the exam, the teacher is not satisfied.Because the students’ handwriting was not pretty, the teacher drew a red-eyed frog to express his displeasure with the students and wrote a sentence to warn the students to write better.The post-1995 generation also has humorous teachers.If a student scores 59 on an exam, he is one point short of passing.The teacher will write “lend you one point, remember to pay it back next time”.I believe the teacher so lovely practice, as a student, very embarrassed next time again fail the paper.These teachers are so dedicated to their work, so responsible to their students, and so attentive to detail that other teachers deserve to follow suit.Meeting such a serious and responsible teacher is the greatest luck for the growth of students. The author believes that the role of teachers on students is irreplaceable.Since ancient times, there has been a saying: “Teacher’s kindness is like the father.”If students can meet a serious and responsible good teacher in the process of growing up, it is undoubtedly a great luck.Students spend far more than 10 hours a day at school and have more contact with their teachers than their parents.Therefore, having a diligent and responsible teacher at this time will bring more help to students.I remember I saw a movie (Cattle Class Spring).It was this music teacher who influenced a group of students to influence them with his love and actions.Just like the teachers around us, they are also helping their students to set up the right idea with their actions.A responsible teacher, on the way of education, will personally interpret what is “a teacher”.If students meet such a teacher, they will not only enrich their knowledge, but also set up the right three views and optimistic character, in the healthy and happy growth of the road ahead.Just like these teachers communicate with students with lovely comments, for them, they may just draw a few strokes, but for the student, it is a great encouragement and even has a profound impact on his future learning.Third, teachers should constantly innovate education methods to ensure the healthy growth of students For teachers, teaching students is not only a simple lecture and impart knowledge, but also to ensure the physical and mental health of students.Therefore, in the education mode, teachers should innovate in time to find the most suitable way for students.Teachers want to stimulate students’ interest in learning, can fully use the way of competition, so that students enjoy the fun of knowledge in competition, so that students have a sense of competition and a sense of achievement, so that students in the competition to improve the enthusiasm of learning.At the same time, teachers should try their best to take good care of the emotions of every student, inject strict love into students who are good at learning, do not let them forget their roots proudly, and encourage middle students to strive to climb up to a higher level.For students with poor grades, teachers should not generalize, but should adopt a tolerant attitude towards them as far as possible.As long as they do not affect the classroom discipline, they can also skip the class appropriately, but the teacher should not abandon the student’s thirst for knowledge and teach him knowledge in a way suitable for the student.Conclusion: The teaching methods of post-1995 female teachers can be used for reference.This is not about marking papers like she did, but learning from her and giving students more encouragement.Don’t focus students too much on exam results.What do you think of the teacher’s approach?