The Chidian police Station of Jinjiang Public Security Bureau carries out the work of foreigners’ return visit

2022-04-28 0 By

In order to better manage foreigners during the epidemic period, keep abreast of the activities of foreigners and ensure the smooth and orderly management of foreigners, jinjiang Entry-exit Administration Brigade and Chidian police station recently visited enterprises under their jurisdiction to return visits to foreigners.During the return visit, the policemen inspected the working and living environment of foreigners, learned about the work, life and health of foreigners and their families in detail, and extended New Year greetings to them.At the same time, we will make policy announcements on the application of residence permits for foreigners in China, entry-exit laws and regulations, and management of overseas personnel.Through the return visit, the police grasped the latest situation of the people inside and outside the jurisdiction, and further deepened the management and service work of foreigners.In the next step, Chidian Police Station will cooperate with Jinjiang Entry-exit Administration Brigade to continue to visit people inside and outside the jurisdiction, organically combine service management with certificate issuance, guide foreigners to consciously abide by relevant laws and regulations of China, and maintain the normal entry-exit order of Jinjiang.(Reporter Zeng Zhouping correspondent Guo Chuan) Source: Jinjiang News network