Nongan market economy: Lantern Festival approaching, Lantern Festival, tangyuan into the protagonist

2022-04-28 0 By

The Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month is the first major traditional festival after the Spring Festival, symbolizing the indispensable round rice balls and tangyuan.With the approaching of the festival, the market of various kinds of fillings, various flavors of “round ball” has quickly occupied the market eye-catching position and began to sell like hot cakes, we will follow the lens of friends together to see it!Today, on the seventh day, the street filled with yuanxiao, tangyuan, celebrate the Lantern Festival.Cloth clothes gens: still have a week of time, is the Lantern Festival fifteenth day of the first month, today go to the street in the circle building nearby, there are businesses began to sell a variety of stuffing of the Lantern Festival, bags, bulk, the price varies!Kindness is born: today to see the door to sell miscellaneous business, a red, for the Lantern Festival to use small lanterns, candles and other goods are available!Spring has flowers and autumn has a month: look at the price of vegetables in big supermarkets, and the Spring Festival period has fallen.But the price of cabbage is still high, 14.99 yuan a catty, people tired of eating fish, more preference for vegetables!(Liu Yuanyuan, Reporter of Huashang Daily)