“New Year walk grassroots” civilization spring breeze, left-behind old people red sunset

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“I’ll make one in the shape of an ingot. After I eat it, I’ll be blessed.””That I pack a goldfish shape, hope everyone year after year more than.”Recently, in Dushan Town, Lai ‘an County, volunteers took more than 20 old people left behind in the area to the New Era Civilization Practice Institute, and we made dumplings together to celebrate the New Year.Everyone around the table, some and flour, some mixed stuffing, some rolling skin, some dumplings, in a short time, long table then filled with different shapes of dumplings.”The water is boiling. Let’s cook dumplings.”White fat dumplings lined up to jump off the pot, rolling merrily in boiling hot water, we were eating melon seeds, waiting for dumplings, pulling home, more and more happy, more and more talk close.In between cooking dumplings, villager Jiang Yuqing called his son on a video phone. “Look, we’re making dumplings together. It’s a lot of fun.Jiang Yuqing’s son, who works in Beijing, decided not to come back for the Spring Festival this year because of the epidemic. Jiang Yuqing was very upset when she just heard the news.That this year’s New Year only Jiang Yuqing old couple “stay” at home, Dushan town volunteers to help clean, understand the needs of the elderly, and also received them to the new era of civilization practice, accompany them to celebrate the New Year.”Although my son will not come back, it is even more lively than usual with these children.”Jiang Yuqing said happily.”Gongs and drums a dozen rang, peace Sheng Shile full;Reform and opening up to the new music, the Chinese people towards a moderately prosperous;Jianghuai earth beaming ocean, Dushan is now a big change…”After eating dumplings, the happy party was carried out in the self-written program “Huang Mei Fragrance Singing Party” performed by Empty-nester Chen Jialong. Volunteers and the old people showed their strengths, although not professional, but moving enough.”The children are not at home, life on the government to us empty nesters are very good care, we have no time to sing and dance, life can be enriched.”Chen Jialong said.Stage staged in full swing, the audience of volunteers Xu Mingwei also busy.Holding a camera in his hand, he kept shuttling through the crowd, looking for the best Angle of photography, taking pictures of actors and audience, smiling faces, and fixing warm and happy moments.It’s getting late.”When people get together, the smell of New Year comes. This New Year, the old people are not lonely at all.”Dushan town officials said the next step, Dushan town will regularly organize some sports, literary and artistic activities for the elderly, enrich their spiritual and cultural life.Township health centers regularly carry out voluntary services related to mental health education, and guide the elderly left behind to spend their old age with a positive and optimistic attitude.Reporter Li Mingjie correspondent Miao Zhuxin