Ganzhou 400,000 parking Spaces will be paid without feeling

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Stop complaining about the difficulty of parking!The good news!Ganzhou smart parking platform project online will integrate 400,000 berths “one scan code, five zones through parking, first leave after pay, no sense of payment” parking can “just go”!1040 closed parking lots 400,000 berths for you to choose from It is understood that ganzhou five districts integrated intelligent parking platform project total investment of 190 million yuan.At present, we have completed the construction of parking platform, completed the survey of 1,040 closed parking lots and 400,000 berths in the five districts, and are actively carrying out the work of online access platform for offline parking lots.As an important part of the project, ganzhou Intelligent parking information command center, located at 108 Harmony Avenue, Shishi Town, Zhanggong District, has started the renovation and construction, and is expected to be put into use around July this year.Ganzhou wisdom parking information command center after transforming rendering Ganzhou wisdom parking information command center put into use effect The reporter understands At present Ganzhou has access to the parking lot 22 garage parking lot 3922 has access to city-level platform systemGanzhou Railway Station, Ganzhou Zhijie parking lot (new Gannan Road station, Chaoniwan Station, Huangwuping Station, Meiguan Avenue Station, Red Ring Road station, People’s Lane station, Pangushan Station, Blue Peninsula Station, citizen Center Station, Sports Center station), etc.Relevant departments strive to the end of 2023 ganzhou five areas of parking all access to the platform, parking in Ganzhou more convenient!Reporter: Guo Xuelian CAI Yijie Correspondent Guo Jianping editor: Guo Xuelian CAI Yijie Editor: Shang Jing Li Shuisheng review: Liu Jian supervision review: Deng Haiming preview tag not included in the topic # a last next statement:The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: