Chinese New Year cultural performances officially kicked off

2022-04-28 0 By

Firecrackers in addition to the old, the spring breeze into the toso.From February 2 (the second day of the first lunar month) to February 4, the “Our Chinese Dream” — Culture into the Thousands to welcome the Spring Festival, presented by gansu Performing Arts Group Song and Dance Theater, opened in the near water Square.At the scene of singing, dancing and passionate activities, the strong smell of the New Year permeated the streets, and the happy smile hung on his face, showing a joyous festival scene everywhere.This activity is sponsored by the Publicity Department of gansu Provincial Party Committee, gansu Culture and Tourism Department, gansu Performing Arts Group, lanzhou Municipal Party Committee publicity Department, Gansu New Media Group, Lanzhou Yellow River Scenic area management committee.The performance was broadcasted synchronously to the whole country by the “New Gansu” app, attracting more than 300,000 hits on the first day.The performance in the dance “Tang Fenghua” opened the prelude, ten thousand generations of China, elegant carol, prosperous Tang dynasty, the sun and moon stars, the dancers danced gracefully, lightly dance out of the elegant demeanor of the children of China.Followed by “happy time”, “power of Renaissance” waiting “” mountain beauty, water beauty, beauty of China” “sunshine on” “pear flower” ode “mother is the” good luck “to” the pilot “and other songs sing happy beautiful China, sing out of sheer national endeavour, sing out the moving people, inspire LongYuan children fighting hard in the way of dream.Only national, is the world, in the two hours of performance, full of charm of Chinese traditional culture, instrumental music playing “celebration” descendants of the dragon “deep night” Spanish bullfighter and jasmine “horse race”, dance the chimes deriving the rebound pipa long silk dance “dress clothes, dance, acrobatics” ladder “and the magic show beltway, wonderful performances,Climaxes repeatedly, singing, piano, applause, laughter, fully show the endless charm of Chinese traditional culture.In this activity, performing arts group in gansu province song and dance theatre staffs abandoned the family for the holidays of the good time, braved the cold wind will be rich and colorful cultural activities and works of art to the “home” of the people, give people a sincere New Year gift, people realize the promotion culture acquisition, heartfelt desire of happiness,With their superb talent to successfully create a happy and peaceful, festive and warm festival atmosphere.A happy audience said: “the actors and actresses of the Spring Festival to send such a wonderful and rich program to us, I really thank you, but also hard for them, whether the dance or song, are full of strong Chinese flavor, make this happy year even more happy.”It is reported that Gansu Performing Arts Group Dunhuang Art Troupe will continue to perform at jinshui Square on February 5 and 6 (the fifth and sixth day of the first lunar month).In addition, the online exhibition of 15 fine plays from the first day to the 15th day of the first lunar month will also meet you at 19:00 every night.Li Chao, chief reporter of lanzhou Daily