China short track speed skating three women will be eliminated!Wang Meng was anxious: you must dare to go up!Afraid what?

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The women’s short track speed skating quarterfinal at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games took place on February 11, Beijing time.Unfortunately, in the quarterfinals, The Chinese players Han Yutong/Qu Chunyu/Zhang Chutong all failed to reach the semifinals!For this situation, Wang Meng was very worried, especially to the young general Zhang Chutong put forward advice!Han Yutong/Qu Chunyu in group 1 of the quarter Final.Both Han and Qu failed to advance against the top two Dutch players.Subsequently, zhang Chutong will play.In the face of competitors, after the gunshot, Zhang Chutong is not eager to send force.However, as the competition deepened, Zhang Chutong could not find the opportunity to surpass, and finally ended the competition in fourth place, no semifinals.Talking about Zhang Chutong’s performance, Wang Meng was very helpless, “Shoot up to me, you have to dare to go up!I don’t know how to say it, and I don’t know if I should say it. It’s not a matter of ability. You have to have courage.You have no absolute strength, the gun rang up, what can be done?Can you keep your ability and go beyond promotion?”From now on, the coaching team has to take the burden off the players,” Wang meng said.Look at the American players. They’re catching up.Next, there are women’s 3000 meters relay race, win is the victory of the team, defeat is the failure of the team, you have to dare!