Baise, the king blew it up

2022-04-28 0 By

This time yesterday I was praying that it was Wong Lo Kat and not a king fry. I saw it on the news around 3 PM.There are still 87 people waiting for the review, it seems that the number of people over 100 is inevitable, a sudden increase of so much, it seems that the latest time is Xi ‘an, but they are a city of tens of millions of people, small Baise permanent population is only more than three million, debao county is only two hundred thousand people, this recruit rate is quite high ah.I learned from the Internet that the source of the cases in Luoding, Guangdong province is basically the same as that of Debao No. 0. However, the man in Luoding complied with the epidemic prevention regulations and reported the case on his own initiative.In their family there are two relatives to go to the longlin, fortunately detected earlier, did not spread in the longlin.On various wechat groups in Baise in the afternoon, some netizens said that Debao Xu Yi was running back and forth between the hotel and his hometown because he wanted to avoid his family meeting their lovers secretly in the hotel. Others posted pictures with text explaining that local people were so angry that they set his car on fire.Of course, there is no official confirmation of these, so don’t take them seriously.If confirmed in the future, it would be the most expensive affair in the country.I went for a nucleic acid test on the evening of June 6. It went well, and I didn’t waste hours like the prophets waiting in line in the morning.They were waiting because the paramedics from out of town hadn’t arrived yet.I then went through the groups to see where there were fewer people and decided where to go.At five o ‘clock in the afternoon, a colleague reported that there were few people at the detection point at the gate of our school. I rushed there immediately, parked the car, scanned the code and filled in the personal information. It was just my turn to check in a group of ten.When I got home and looked at the time, it took me 50 minutes to get from my house to my house, half an hour just to drive back and forth.At the gate of Baise High school, there are fewer people at the detection point, and it will soon be my turn to come out and look back at the detection point. Thank you for your hard work.In the evening, my wife called me to send clothes, towels and other things to her and Ma Xiaoer. They went to grandma’s house for dinner yesterday and were stuck in the house because of the sudden blockade of the community.I packed a big bag of things, took them to the gate of the community, put them in the designated place, and called her to pick them up.Do these are also smooth, but on the way I walked to the weather is not beautiful, under the storm, but also thunder, my knees below the pants and shoes all “wet body”.Come back before taking a bath, first write down these words, as my lockdown diary.After I sent something to the wife came back, the rain stopped although the rain stopped, the water on the road is quite deep