Xining issued the warning

2022-04-27 0 By

Zhuhai a rural-based children addict network early warning for now, the city’s primary and middle school students have full access to 2022 winter vacation life state, for “ShuangJian” policy under the stage of compulsory education in the city students winter vacation written work to reduce or not written winter vacation homework, also did not have the winter vacation to participate in the burden of subject training, too easily loosen the reality of Internet addiction or game,City education bureau recently issued to the majority of parents “prevent children winter vacation addicted to the Internet” warm warning to remind.Remind 1: In the network information everywhere today, parents must pay attention to the safety of children’s use of the network during the winter vacation, to strictly prevent children from browsing unhealthy content of the website, to try every means not to let children access to unhealthy content of the website and bad network information.Remind 2: to guide children to learn to protect family and personal information security, when browsing websites, do not register personal information, do not leave contact information;Ask children not to give or pass on their family members’ real information (such as name, address, school, telephone number, photo, etc.) without parental consent.Reminder 3: Forbid children to indulge in the Internet for a long time.Because children playing mobile phones, watching TV, playing games is often difficult to achieve self-control, accidentally addicted to them can not extricate themselves, as a guardian of parents must remember to constantly urge remind, guide children to surf the Internet, learn to control themselves.Remind 4: parents should educate and guide children to surf the Internet civilized, civilized language on the Internet, do not spread offensive remarks to others, do not spread illegal network content, be a law-abiding little netizens.Reminder 5: if children are cheated by malicious people on the Internet, they should inform their parents immediately and report to the police in time when necessary.