Why do stock market tycoons keep investment journals?Fry stock at ordinary times how record?

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After 30, bad writing is better than a good memory.Always keep an investment journal.Dozens, hundreds of words, for example, bought a ticket, comb the view at that time.Step empty. Find out why.Just think, you have to take notes in class, spend so much money, but can’t bear to type a few words.Retail investors always lose money.Because people choose to forget painful failures.You see the surrounding colleagues, there are a few with the loss of money out of the ticket said.And the real master, is exposed to the loss of the list more than profit.The heights are different.An investment journal is all about self-analysis.Every time I go back to my old records, I learn something.On the other hand, if you don’t know who you are now, you don’t know how to go in the future.It’s a process that takes you through how the market works.There are a number of tools available to keep an investment log.Exel, for example.My own is to put the journal together with the daily research materials.This is what I’ve done. It’s 14 grams.And don’t worry, the log is less than one in a thousand.Skip a few Games of Chinese football and you can keep a diary for a year.It doesn’t matter what tools you use to remember, the key is to find an iterative way to move forward.It’s a good idea to keep track of your steps.If you want to know how to research the company, follow me.