Who does not want a youth Zhang Wansen, but who is really willing to do that Zhang Wansen

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Recently, many people’s circle of friends, has been swept by Zhang Wansen.Many netizens have expressed their willingness to trade their ex-boyfriend for their own Zhang Wansen.Zhang Wansen, male, “a flash a shining star” middleman, good character and learning, special affection, deep feeling, at the age of 18.Zhang Wansen’s life, always stay at the age of 18, the college entrance examination that year.And for many years before that, his life seemed to be striving for the same thing.That is, stay close to her and protect her.She is the heroine of his life, Li Beixing.Zhang Wansen was once the heroine in his mother’s life.She was raised as a girl by a mother who regretted not having a daughter because she liked girls.Dress him up in a skirt, keep his hair long, and buy him a pink rope and a doll.We are not going to judge whether Zhang’s mother’s behavior is out of regret for not having a daughter, or out of the evil fun of raising a child just for fun.It only said that during the years when Zhang Was growing up, his parents, who were busy with work, were indeed absent from many important moments in their son’s life.Like when I was a kid at the zoo, being bullied by the other kids.Who came to his defense and bailed him out.It was the girl named Lin Beixing, not her parents.There is a thing called love, probably, is from this time, began to sprout.What does a boy look like, passionate and deep love?Is countless times against cowardly and cowardly of their own, toward the girl like close to.Because the girl participated in the poetry recitation competition, he also tried to practice recitation.Just to stand on the stage with the girl on the day of the competition.Step by step, he changed himself into a better version of himself in order to get closer to her.Answer questions actively in class and get top marks in every subject.Because girls like boys who are good at basketball, Zhang Joined the basketball team.Every three – point shot is stained with countless sweaty memories of Zhang.When they separated after the meeting again, Zhang Wansen is no longer that in the zoo, she needs to protect the small fart child.But in the accumulated efforts, grow into a responsible little man.At a collegiate league basketball game, Zhang ran into a fire and saved his memory of the girl.But by a strange combination of circumstances, she mistook the rescuer for someone else.So, a muddled, a wooden mouth.After this crossing, gradually go into two parallel lines do not meet.Zhang Wansen, at one end, looked at the girl, at the other end, still thinking of spring.He didn’t say anything. He just looked at his girl.Unremittingly chasing other boys behind, so humble, as their own years of persistence.Zhang Wansen is trying to improve and show himself for her girl.His girl, in the next class, tried to play a tree for the other boys.Unrequited love is a person’s war.Because that hidden in the bottom of my heart, sometimes singing and dancing, sometimes bleeding.Looking at the girl to the other opposite sex of eager, Zhang Wansen quietly put away to express the message.Full of feelings that can only be repeated over and over to a parrot.Can not get the love, he thought is perfect.Take notes of students with excellent academic performance for many years and mark them with the girl with average academic performance.To help her, to get closer to the man she loves.To pay off her brother’s debt behind her back.Just so the girl can take the most important exam of her life without any worries.And then go back and forth with the man of her heart.Even if it is disheartened, to leave.I can’t help but turn around and go one way when I know the other is in danger.Too busy dealing with potential dangers for her, even risking his own precious life.In Zhang Wansen’s world, love is silently guarded and painstakingly accomplished.Just such zhang Wansen, should not be time to live up to.Therefore, in the play, every girl goes back to the past, is a moment of regret for Zhang.Life is so long, when we run blindly, might as well stop and look back.Is there also a zhang Wansen who belongs to you, lovingly guarding you quietly behind.After all, in such a time of stars and stars, many people may not be able to meet the right Zhang.Who’s youth, all want a Zhang Wansen.However, who is really willing to be the zhang Wansen who silently pays for nothing in return.