To bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new, the first Chinese Rural Revitalization Spring Festival Gala has come to a successful conclusion!

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On January 26 at 18:30, the first Chinese Rural revitalization Spring Festival Gala and The Chinese Lei Feng Volunteer Commendation Conference met with the audience as promised.The rural revitalization strategy is a major strategic plan made at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), an important measure to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and an overall plan for comprehensively building a modern socialist country and vigorously advancing toward the second Centenary Goal.This Spring Festival Gala, which belongs to all farmers, led the audience to feel the ordinary and great Lei Feng spirit in playing the struggle song of rural revitalization.To carry forward the theme and transfer positive energy, the party offered sincere blessings for the cause of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and presented a sumptuous Dinner for all the audience in advance.At the beginning of the party, Jing Yidan sent the audience “industrial blessing”, reported the joy of industrial revitalization.Singer Huang Qishan sang “Pride” and Dai Yuqiang sang “Happiness On the Road”.Song sing out of the grain harvest, the years rich;Acrobatic performance “Step by step” bless the rural revitalization of the industrial development of backgammon;Fashion grandma group’s “Cheongsam show” shows a colorful picture of people and rich things;Dance “Horqin Mu se”, outline a happy grassland life;VaVa, as a “Happy Village”, presented a wonderful song and dance performance “My New Clothes” to the audience;Organizing revitalization to increase vitality, rural revitalization striding, Pan Changjiang live bring blessings of Spring Festival couplets, and live with the host impromptu singing duo zhuan “Little New Year”;Zhang Kaili is full of emotion to bring the audience in the rural revitalization organization revitalization of the “bellwether” story.The party scene more audience presented a new era of “five blessings”, that is, industrial blessing, talent blessing, cultural blessing, ecological blessing, organization blessing, five blessings slowly unfold on the big screen, for the people to seek happiness, increase happiness, gather happiness, add happiness, steady happiness, bless the audience friends in the New Year more prosperous and beautiful life!In addition, in order to commend the typical and promote the advanced, the party also carried out the rural revitalization demonstration enterprise, industrial revitalization demonstration village, Lei Feng unit, headquarters base, demonstration base and other ceremonies.At the party, Ma Peihua, vice-chairman of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), awarded the special contribution Award to the 21st National Leifeng scholar and chairman of The Chinese Leifeng Volunteers.He Chaohai, secretary general of Leifeng Spirit Research Association and curator of Leifeng Information Exhibition Hall, won the national Lifelong Honor award for learning Leifeng.The most arduous and onerous task of promoting the common prosperity of the people is still in the countryside.To promote common prosperity for farmers and rural areas, we need to consolidate and expand our achievements in poverty alleviation and comprehensively promote rural revitalization.At present, learning Lei Feng has been from the past to stay in the streets to do good level, pluralistic thinking, rich content, spiritual level of a hundred flowers bloom.In the process of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and speeding up the modernization of agriculture and countryside, we should strengthen the learning of Lei Feng spirit, which is our spiritual guidance and spiritual source.During the journey of rural revitalization, we will carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and share China’s valuable experience in agriculture, rural areas and farmers, providing a good reference and strong guarantee for accelerating the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy.Activities, but also the establishment ceremony of the revitalization of the art troupe in rural China, China brigade fusion development fund launching ceremony, the museum of Chinese cultural heritage protection fund rural fund launch ceremony, promoting common prosperity in rural China high quality development special fund launching ceremony, guangdong province fu rural education foundation to promote the common prosperity education special fund project start ceremony, in the revitalization of the countryOn the road, together to a better future.Five blessings, a total of New Year.The party set up a branch venue in Chengdu, and solemnly introduced the large-scale stage play “Chinese Medicine”, which is the Chinese wisdom, Chinese spirit and Chinese mission. It brought an audio-visual feast with the perfect combination of art and technology, and witnessed the strength of rural industry revitalization and agricultural and rural modernization.”The Chinese youth in the lights is graceful, the Chinese mind in the lights is vast”.The first Chinese Rural Revitalization Spring Festival Gala and The Chinese Lei Feng Volunteer Commendation Conference were filled with wishes for rural revitalization in the melodious song, full of social care for farmers and friends in the laughter and happiness, inheriting the fine tradition and inspiring the vitality of The Times.During the journey of rural revitalization, the spirit of Lei Feng has also been promoted, and China’s valuable experience in agriculture, rural areas and farmers has been shared, so as to provide good reference and strong guarantee for accelerating the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy.