The pan is out!Is the lakers’ front office reprising its rogue rhetoric that the team’s woes are the players’ fault?

2022-04-27 0 By

The lakers, the most promising team in the trade market, seemed to be asleep.After bringing in Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony at the start of the season, the lakers suddenly became so famous that it seemed like a championship was within reach.But the result is the lakers also in Washington like the old spark (phase wizards with the start of the season was the NBA’s first), but wei less in the lakers’ hip is unusual, can say no state, the lakers’ record is horrible, currently only ninth in the west, this for a team that has is a luxurious three squad is a shame!In fact, there are many reasons why the Lakers have such a poor record, but the bottom line is that Westbrook and James are incompatible!It was irresponsible of the lakers’ front office last summer to put together a team of veterans hoping to win a championship by putting together two apparently incompatible players.But not afraid of the management messing around, afraid the management did not admit!Just yesterday, the lakers’ front office went wild again, claiming that the lakers are what they are today.A source from Ramona Shelburne said, “Lakers management told Lebron and Steve that the team wasn’t willing to give away future assets or pay the luxury tax to make up for it.Everybody from the owner to the front office is saying, ‘You got here on your own, it’s your responsibility, you made your own bed.Lebron, Anthony Davis, Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, all future Hall of Famers, this is the roster and team you choose, go for it, we’re not going to use future assets or the luxury tax to supplement it.'” To be honest, the chutzpah and ability of the Lakers’ front office is truly historic.It is clear that their flow is not record, just a combination of such a deformed lineup nondescribable!The lakers, from the owner to the front office, are total idiots to blame the players for the loss.