On the fourth day of spring, the god of wealth, don’t forget to “bite spring”, the year of the tiger without trouble, the day over the more shun

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Today is the fourth day of the Lunar New Year and the beginning of Spring. It is the day for Chinese people to welcome the gods.On the first day of the lunar New Year, Si Nu Wa created sheep, which is called “Sheep Day”.The fourth day of the New Year is still an important festival to welcome god. There is such a saying among the folk that the gods of the fourth day went to heaven to report their work and returned to the world, including the five ways of the god of wealth, who is in charge of the world’s financial resources.Sacrifices were made to welcome the return of the gods.The time to welcome the god is generally in the evening, prepare auspicious fruit, incense and other things for sacrifice, burn incense to worship, worship god.On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, it was an important custom to perform the five Blessings to the God, which later evolved into the five paths to the God of wealth.After businesses close for the Spring Festival, the market usually opens on the fifth day, so businessmen will meet the God of wealth on the fourth night for good luck.Remember to open doors and Windows to welcome the god of wealth.Then the five road god of wealth, meaning to receive all the money in the five sides of the east, west, north and south, in the following year, fortune, bonanza, full of happiness.According to the older generation, in addition to the custom of receiving the god of wealth, and the beginning of Spring this solar term on eating is also exquisite.The beginning of Spring is the first of spring, plant spring is an important 24 solar terms, the ancients thought that “the beginning of spring a cloudy day, there will be flowers to spring”, said that the beginning of spring is cloudy, there will be an inverse cold, the beginning of spring weather and the future weather.In tradition, spring is a day of biting.Bite spring is what, start of spring bite spring eat what?The beginning of Spring is also known as biting Spring. On this day, people will buy a radish from the market and eat it. Radish is a seasonal vegetable.This custom comes from an old legend. A long time ago, a strange disease suddenly struck a village and spread. The sick people became weak and dizzy.At that time, a traveling Taoist priest knocked on the door of a house to beg for a bowl of water. However, no one opened the door for a long time, so the Taoist priest changed to another house. It took a long time before a pale man came out of the house.He told the Taoist priest that many people in the village were suffering from strange diseases like him. After the Taoist priest drank the water channel and thanked the villagers, he met several families in the village with the same situation. The Taoist priest could not bear the villagers’ suffering and wanted to solve the problem.He sat cross-legged under a century-old tree at the entrance to the village, facing south, with his hands tied and muttering to himself from afternoon until sunset.Finally let him find a way, he is not busy leaving overnight to a nearby Taoist temple, found a basket of radish in the yard, and quickly back to the village, let the middle-aged man inform the villagers to gather in the yard, then gave the villagers to eat the radish he brought, a few days later the strange disease disappeared.Villagers returned to normal work, we are very grateful to the Taoist Priest, every spring day to take a few bites of radish, one is to commemorate the Taoist priest, two is to eliminate all diseases.Gradually, the custom of “biting spring” was formed and spread to this day.Later, people eat not only radish but also fresh vegetables on the day of Start of Spring.The tang Dynasty works “Four Hours treasure Mirror” recorded the food that people in the Tang Dynasty ate on the day of the start of Spring: radish, spring cakes, lettuce, spring plate.Eating spring cakes on the beginning of Spring: The custom of eating spring cakes on the beginning of Spring became popular from the Tang Dynasty to the Song and Ming dynasties.At first, the spring cake was put on the plate with fresh fruits and vegetables, sugar and so on, called the spring plate. Later, when there was a spring cake alone, the spring plate gradually disappeared.2, eat leek or shepherd’s purse: the ancients once said “spring eat leek, Wan Yin dispersed”, leek is also known as Yang grass, is a kind of warm vegetables.Leeks are also known as the “first fresh in spring”. Leeks in spring are tender and delicious. After winter storage, they grow thick leaves and taste rich and best.Leek is rich in a variety of cellulose, eat more help to enhance gastrointestinal peristalsis, keep stool smooth, eliminate toxins and garbage in the body throughout the winter, so leek is considered to be the first dish to eat in the beginning of spring.Chives cut a stubble and then a long stubble, on behalf of life and growth.3, eat turnip derived from the custom of spring “bite”, but most people would eat carrots, because it contains rich vitamin C, fresh from the winter to early spring when eat carrots not only can qi, to dry decrease internal heat, prevent colds, white radish is rich in enzyme can have very good promote digest function, so the spring begins to eat turnip is best.On the fourth day of this year, the beginning of Spring happens to be a solar term. It happens to be the first day of the year, and it is the first good day that occurs once in a hundred years.The beginning of Spring is the beginning of all things, and the beginning of new. As the folk saying goes, “Spring beats six or nine heads, and you don’t have to worry about food and clothing”, which indicates that this year’s weather will be favorable, the country will be peaceful and people will be safe. In ancient times, important prayers and petitions will be arranged around or on the same day.Make a wish for the whole family that all the bad luck, poverty and plague will disappear, and that we will be blessed with wealth, wealth, good luck, prosperity, smooth sailing, joy and health.This is the flavor of the New Year ## What strange customs Spring Festival has #