Luneng only needs to stay 1 to win the championship!Don’t stop Xu Xin to pursue his dream, even Sun Zhuhao is not for sale

2022-04-27 0 By

Beijing time on February 19, media reports out of the double shandong taishan first team last season there are a number of players didn’t get the contract, Dai Lin, into the source, Chen Zhechao, later surveys are faced with looking for a new owner, another player in China and they are different, China did not complete contract is another explanation, and hristo when Xu Xinliu leave hristo outlook is uncertain,Construction brother thinks that Xu Xin since the willingness to renew his contract with the Taishan team is not too positive, the Taishan team also don’t stop the pace of Xu Xin’s pursuit of dreams, the Current Taishan team has xu Xin does not affect the team defending, just an ordinary player he is not an indispensable player.From hristo last season after a number of international players leave hristo under fee lenny unbeaten, hristo stay fee (a person lenny, xuxin can safely go, even the sun have not hristo quasi hao not for sale, in the game hristo VS deep enough, did not have the sun in shandong hristo quasi hao, xuxin, wang lei and other seven international,Deep foot is all the main force including foreign aid are in, but deep foot is not win with Fellaini taishan team, although the taishan team passive field, but Fellaini head kick with 2 goals, a person carrying the Taishan team forward, he himself also ensure that the team did not lose to the strong deep foot.Fa cup against nantong branch of the cloud, still no international hristo anchors, substitute can’t knocked at the nantong branch of the cloud, at this time of howell recalled lenny, when injured fee lenny to center the identity of the bench, he also used his super hard power help hristo 1-0 victory over the nantong branch of the cloud,The above two games show that Taishan Team can not live without Fellaini, but without Xu Xin. If Xu Xin insists on leaving Taishan Team, Jian Ge does not believe in Xu Xin’s performance in the league this year. Perhaps Without Sun Junhao and Fellaini around, Xu Xin will become the substitute player of Guangzhou Evergrande once again.