Japanese women living alone: How happy are they without marriage or useless social contacts?

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Nowadays, as the pace of life quickens and social pressure increases, many people choose to live alone in search of comfort. In Japan, it is common for women to live alone.So why on earth do these young people choose to live alone?Japan, is a developed country, is also a famous “fast pace country”.Tokyo, the capital of Japan, integrates the political and economic functions of the whole country.For young people living in Tokyo, there are also strong life pressure?At present, a new lifestyle is emerging in Japan.This is a way for young people living in Japan to relieve their pressure in life.They had a little world of their own, and though the room was small, they kept it clean and comfortable.Every morning I get out of the house, and in the evening I go back to my comfortable home, where I cook dinner to reward myself, watch TV and relieve the fatigue of the day’s work.Such a life, don’t mention how happy.So why is there so much “solitary living”?The first is the high cost of living, especially for young people living in big cities.With the development of society and economy and the quickening pace of life, more and more young people cannot afford the high monthly rent.Even some young people are “living paycheck to paycheck”, so it is impossible to buy a house.The second is that the demand for mate selection is too high. With the development of society and economy, the quality of people is also improving. With the improvement of quality, more and more young people begin to pay attention to the quality of life.However, if you want to live with your partner, you must consider whether the three views of two people are suitable, the partner’s personality, hobbies, habits, family.These things take a long time to think about, and they don’t always fit.If appropriate, it is necessary to cover the living expenses of two people to some extent.If it doesn’t, it feels like all the time we spent together was wasted.According to statistics, the fertility rate of some developed countries is very low. In order to make the population of their own countries no longer grow negatively, some countries have introduced incentive measures to increase the fertility rate, but the effect is not very obvious.The reason is the continuous progress of society, which directly affects people’s ideas.Society is becoming more and more convenient.Many women also think they don’t have a problem living alone.Some Japanese women think that after marriage, it is a life of firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, but such a life is not what they want.Then, they gradually discover that it’s good to live alone.At least one of us has nothing to worry about.There’s not too much to worry about.When some families fight because of trivial things, you can enjoy the time alone, enjoy life, cherish the present.The fourth is influenced by Social class in Japan. In Japanese culture, an enterprise values a person’s background and background more, such as Nagoya University, University of Tokyo, Osaka University, etc., which basically monopolize many advanced and sophisticated positions in the country.You can only get into the upper class if your parents or family have a strong social background.In addition, the huge gap between the rich and the poor is also a fatal problem for young people in Japan. Many young people, no matter how hard they try, are still unable to jump over the social class, leaving them few opportunities for career advancement.In such a social context, these young people still choose to live alone, come and go alone, and gradually form a “culture of mourning”.In addition, aging, low fertility, more and more young people choose to reverse socialization.But in this way, it will aggravate the population contradiction and aging crisis.Living alone Some young people seize the opportunity to use the materials of living alone to start the work of “we media”.They recorded their solitary life on camera, edited it into a full video, and then posted it on the Internet, which gained a large number of fans in a short time and made them famous.Although their home is small, but the basic life can be satisfied.The layout of the room is very simple, but the sparrow is small, all five organs.Because most rooms have narrow bedrooms, it’s best to opt for a tatami mattress with less floor space.Through light to do some small ornament, so that crowded room more artistic atmosphere.Leaning on the place by the door of the bedroom, there is a big chest putting the clothes of the four seasons, and the clothes of a few seasons are classified to receive corresponding area.The kitchen is open to the living room.Some of the cutlery was placed in its proper place, with an air of fireworks.Additional, put corresponding bouquet according to season on the small round table in the sitting room, let whole space look very sweet.Once in a while, they change the layout of their room and add a little heart to their lives.The women also chose to make their rooms look a little cleaner with lots of organizer boxes.In this private space, they set up a small table to play games, or turn on the projector to prepare a snack and watch a great movie.In this comfortable life, they refuse useless social intercourse, but they do not feel the slightest loneliness.In Japan, young people who stay at home refuse useless social intercourse, but they pay more attention to the analysis and discussion of their own hearts.They usually focus on research at home, such as making crafts and researching high technology.Staying at home and living alone seem to be words full of negative energy, but it has become a young person who makes handicrafts seriously.In the final analysis, these single women living alone is the result of a combination of factors.In this era of rapid development, some people live a good life, while others are constantly on the road, which are rooted in their different life choices.Under the long-term social pressure, Now Japan has entered a society of low desire, and most women think they have some basic characteristics of “otaku” and belong to “otaku”.But these women make up only a fraction of the single women surveyed by a Japanese institute.The power of women living alone is still very weak.On the other hand, the Japanese government should pay timely attention to the problems of women living alone and enact some policies to relieve the pressure of these young people’s life.Relaxing policy restrictions is also a good idea.Society should also pay attention to women who live alone, do not have prejudice against women who live alone, and regularly send some care to them, so that they can feel the love of society under the heavy pressure of life.