Fengning: “Golden Group to help green enterprises” bank enterprises docking breeding green enterprises head goose

2022-04-27 0 By

Hebei News (Liu Haibo, Tong Li, Zhang An) a few days ago, fengning Manchu Autonomous County enterprise development service center, together with the county committee of the Youth League, the financial institutions jointly organized the “financial league to help green enterprises” and banking enterprises to meet symposium.More than 60 people participated in the matchmaking meeting, such as the office of Chengde Bank Insurance Supervision Sub-branch in Fengning, Fengning Sub-branch of The People’s Bank of China, the main responsible persons of enterprise development services, relevant persons in charge of banks in the county, and representatives of young entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs.It plays an important role in promoting urban and rural economic development and expanding talent employment.Due to “young company” is common in the process of our development on a smaller scale, the feature of weak anti-risk ability of the county’s enterprise development services to “gold group help green enterprises” as an opportunity to coordinate various departments around the upper and lower linkage, synergy, provide accurate service successful docking for young green enterprise development financial institutions, more financing opportunities for young enterprise,Intended to cultivate a group of brand characteristics of the green enterprise leader goose, boost the healthy development of county economy.In this bank-enterprise matchmaking meeting, 11 banking institutions in the county, including rural commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, successively provided credit policies and preferential policies to support youth entrepreneurship enterprises, among which 16 enterprises proposed capital requirements.7 enterprises reached loan intention of more than 120,000 yuan;Three enterprises signed loan contracts of more than 100,000 yuan.