World Heat 103- Iran VS Iraq: Iran looks to advance three rounds

2022-04-26 0 By

Thursday Teams: Iran VS Iraq Home Team Iran has had a very smooth qualifying campaign and if they can beat Iraq in this match, they will become the first Asian team to qualify for the Qatar World Cup.Before the last round victory over Syria, Iran into a little trouble, when at Lebanon’s home game against South Korea and they are behind, especially the guest war in Lebanon, stoppage time before they levelled and surpassed the opponent in the second half, this let Syria saw hope, but because of careless before almost to eat the bitter fruit of let Iran uplifting the spirit,Syria was easily defeated.Visitors Iraq have had A disappointing run to the round of 12, with only four draws and two defeats after six games, and are currently fifth in Group A after losing 3-0 to South Korea on neutral ground.However, fortunately, currently only Iran and South Korea are clearly leading group A, the gap between the remaining four teams is not very big, as long as Iraq can lift the remaining four rounds of matches, there is still A chance to compete for the play-off qualification, so the team’s desire to win is quite strong.Play a very good analysis of Iran’s qualifiers six round five wins and a draw only South Korea’s second equaliser they also played a 3-0 in Iraq last year, the win can be locked for qualifying ahead, the basic to make moves, and the World Cup qualifier in Iraq six performance is washed-up, six games, have, only 4 flat,This round meets the group first Iran big probability to lose.