Virgin Galactic has reopened the sale of space ship tickets, including luxury accommodation

2022-04-26 0 By

Virgin Galactic, which saw the dawn of a new space age last year by launching founder Richard Branson into space, has finally resumed selling tickets to the public for $450,000.Before, only people on a waiting list could buy tickets, but now it’s open to everyone.Virgin Galactic was founded in 2004, and Richard Branson beat Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos in a high-profile space race last July.But since then, Virgin Galactic has not sent passengers into space, far behind its rivals, Blue Origin and SpaceX.Virgin Galactic’s fares are more transparent than blue Origin’s and SpaceX’s, as neither have revealed their exact fares.Virgin Galactic’s space trip The Virgin Galactic space flight blasted off from its spaceport in New Mexico in the United States, promising amenities such as luxury accommodations during training in the days leading up to takeoff.A huge carrier-based aircraft took off horizontally, went high into the air and dropped a rocket-powered space plane that soared into space at Mach 3 and then glided back to Earth.Passengers will experience a few minutes of weightlessness in the shuttle’s cabin, from which they will be able to view the earth through 17 Windows.The ticket price has been announced, let’s work hard to make money together, BELIEVE that the future of space will have our figure.