Tap Water Group held the work of corporate legal counsel on site in 2021

2022-04-26 0 By

Recently, the tap water group held the “2021 annual enterprise legal counsel on-site duty review work”, chaoyang marketing, fengtai marketing, inspection brigade, the ninth water plant, Mentougou branch five secondary enterprise legal counsel for duty reporting.The person in charge of the human Resources Department, the person in charge of the business administration and regulations Department and the members of the legal counsel review team reviewed the legal counsel’s on-the-spot reporting.The appraisal work refers to the appraisal mode of general counsel of SasAC, takes the way of consultant’s reporting on duty, group questioning and comprehensive comment, and inspects the performance of legal counsel of the group’s secondary enterprises in the past year from multiple perspectives of professional accomplishment, performance ability, sense of responsibility and work performance.According to the actual situation of the enterprise, the legal advisers of each enterprise reported one by one on such issues as “water fee recovery”, “employee conflict mediation and resolution”, “state-owned assets compliance management” and “economic contract signing and performance”, which are closely related to the main business of water supply group.At the same time, with the opportunity of this assessment, the participating enterprises will share their experience, learn from each other’s strengths and make suggestions for the development of the legal work of tap Water Group, and continuously help the legal construction of the group to a new level.The legal adviser to review work, stick to group “authors boost, three down one minus one” the management objective, has chosen in tap water production, supply, sales, such as water supply main unit takes office of legal counsel to participate in reporting on activities, strengthen legal personnel in risk prevention at the same time, should be service business, boost the development of the work ethic,To realize the overall promotion and integrated construction of legal affairs and water supply business, adhere to the construction of legal work team with both political integrity and ability, constantly improve the legal work level of water Supply Group, and work together to win the tough battle of “reducing cost and increasing efficiency”.